How To Get Hunk in RE4 Remake (The Mercenaries)

HUNK is an operative who went through special military training and remains a mystery to most people but he is also a ruthless killer capable of taking out enemies in a flash.

Equipped with his high-performance submachine gun, he accurately takes enemies out in quick succession without even breaking a sweat.

This mercenary is a returning character from the previous Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries game mode and remains a favorite because of his Neckbreaker move.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hunk character

How To Unlock Hunk?

HUNK can be unlocked by completing a game with Krauser and reaching at least Rank A on any of the available stages in the game mode.

Once you have reached Rank A with Krauser on any stage, HUNK will be available as a mercenary to choose from in the Stage Select menu.

The Mercenaries Hunk Equipment

HUNK mainly uses his high-performance submachine gun to take out all of his enemies and it is quite handy close to medium range.

The following are Hunk’s equipment in The Mercenaries:

  • LE 5 (Submachine Gun)
  • Boot Knife
  • 3x Hand Grenade
  • 160x Submachine Gun Ammo
  • 1x First Aid Spray

Hunk Mayhem ModeHUNK’s Mayhem Mode is activated

Activating HUNK’s Mayhem Mode causes him to have unlimited ammunition as he fires away at enemies with his LE 5.

This means that the weapon does not need to reload nor does it consume any ammo for the whole duration of his ability.

This can be used to easily clear out a ton of enemies or to quickly erase a stage boss within mere seconds by focusing fire on them.

Hunk NeckbreakerHunk is using Neckbreaker move to kill the enemies

One of the most loved moves since the original Resident Evil 4 game, HUNK can use his Neckbreaker move to instantly kill any enemy.

This can be done by shooting them in the head, which will cause them to become staggered and this will leave an opening for HUNK to move in to make his move.

Performing a melee attack when an enemy has been staggered or via a headshot or their attack parried will allow HUNK to grab their face, move behind them and break their neck.


HUNK may only have a submachine gun and a few more items in his inventory, but this does not make things difficult for him since he can instantly kill enemies.

Using HUNK is best done by staggering enemies and snapping their necks, which works on some of the powerful enemies as well.

It is best to reposition yourself when you can and start taking shots at enemies in the head to kill or stagger them when needed.


HUNK has been loved for his ability to instantly kill enemies and this can be spammed as many times as you want as long as you stagger them.

His LE 5 does a good amount of damage and is more than capable of killing enemies, plus, he has some grenades to use along the way as well.

Making use of his Mayhem Mode is a great way to clear enemies out when things get too tough as well as to score a lot of points when possible.

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