How to Get Krauser in RE4 Remake (The Mercenaries)

Krauser is a professional killer, being previously employed in the military and having carried out special missions around the globe.

This mercenary carries an arsenal of weapons that are made for destroying enemies, which can be done at all ranges.

When all of his dangerous weaponry is not enough, he can transform his limbs into powerful weapons that can easily cut up his targets.


Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser character

How To Unlock Krauser?

Krauser can be unlocked once you have Luis and have done a game with him where you have obtained at least Rank A at the end.

After obtaining Rank A with Luis on any stage, Krauser will be an available character that you can choose the next time you are at the Stage Select menu.

The Mercenaries Krauser Equipment

You can easily take out enemies with Krauser’s arsenal and these weapons are pretty much good against any set of enemies.

The following are Krauser’s equipment in The Mercenaries:

  • EJF-338 Compound Bow
  • TMP (Submachine Gun)
  • Fighting Knife
  • 3x Exploding Arrows
  • 3x Flash Grenade
  • 1x First Aid Spray
  • 30x Submachine Gun Ammo

Krauser Mayhem ModeKrauser Mayhem mode activated

When Krauser’s Mayhem Mode is activated, his right and left arms mutate into powerful weapons, allowing him to easily kill enemies.

He can prepare to unleash a lunging attack that kills all enemies that he passes by or do combination attacks to slice up enemies near him.

Krauser becomes resistant to enemy attacks and can continuously fight off even the stronger enemies when in this form.


With all the weapons that he has, Krauser is already an unstoppable force and you can use these to your advantage when it comes to fighting enemies in groups or when they are alone.

His combat bow is great for dealing a large amount of damage in an area while his TMP can be used to stagger enemies for a follow-up melee attack.

When enemies are too great in number or when fighting powerful enemies, you can use Mayhem Mode to make short work of them.


Enemies barely stand a chance against Krauser when he is mutated, giving him the ability to kill pretty much anything with a single lunch.

His combat bow may have a small amount of ammo but this is a great weapon to use when enemies are close together, especially when you lure a whole group.

What makes Krauser so special is his ability to kill anything with his mutated arms but even without them, he is already a one-man army.

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