How to Get Luis in RE4 Remake (The Mercenaries)

Luis is a supporting character that comes to Leon’s aid many times and considers himself quite the ladies’ man when he isn’t busy fighting enemies.

He carries weapons that make it easy for him to take enemies out at close distances but he lacks a bit when it comes to fighting them up close.

This guy loves to pop enemy heads with his Red 9 handgun and also has a knack for blowing things up from time to time.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Luis character

How To Unlock Luis?

Luis is the first unlockable character that you can get in The Mercenaries, which is done by completing any stage with Rank A.

Once you have obtained Rank A with Luis, you can use him afterward when you select a stage and start another game.

The Mercenaries Luis Equipment

Luis has a set of weapons that are good for taking enemies out at a distance but this doesn’t mean that he can’t kill them up close when needed.

He has the following equipment in The Mercenaries:

  • Red9 (Handgun)
  • SR M1903 (Rifle)
  • Bionsensor Scope
  • Boot Knife
  • 1x Flash Grenade
  • 2x First Aid Spray
  • 30x Handgun Ammo
  • 5x Rifle Ammo

Luis Mayhem ModeLuis Mayhem Mode

Luis’ Mayhem Mode allows him to place down a set of dynamite on the ground, which will explode after a short duration.

This can be blown up manually by shooting it and will deal a lot of damage to enemies in a huge area, making it easy to clear groups of enemies.

Luis can place more than one dynamite every time he activates the ability as it only consumes a part of his Mayhem Meter.


As you continue shooting enemies from afar with Luis, it is best to pay attention to your surroundings for oncoming enemies.

When things begin to get too dicey, you can place an explosive on the ground and wait for the right moment to blow it up.

Going to spots where Luis has a good view will allow you to shoot a lot of enemies before they close in on you, which makes it time to use another set of dynamite.


While Luis may seem to be equipped with slow weapons, he deals a lot of damage with them, making him good for accurate players.

He can easily kill enemies with one or two shots during a game and easily blow bosses up with a single set of dynamite.

Not only does this heartthrob shoot, but he also gets pretty nasty when enemies get close up and personal, ending with him whacking them in the face with a pipe.

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