Into the Bowels of the Vale (Main Quest) in MHW

Into the Bowels of the Vale mhw mission

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Rotten Vale
  • Quest Rank: 5

After the airship has brought you to the Rotten Vale, you will need to search for signs of Zorah Magdaros by continuing on foot as you go deeper within.

As you travel inside the Rotten Vale, you will need to find evidence of Zorah Magdaros’ presence which will be traces that have been left behind from its passing.

Continuing with the quest will result with you coming across the Odogaron which attacks you and The Handler but fortunately the two of you escape with a little bit of help.

This quest initiates after you and The Handler are saved wherein you will need to come back to help your rescuer.


The quest first starts out as an exploration one but later on is introduced after running into the Odogaron.


Begin by descending from the camp and searching to the right where you will find tracks that will be highlighted in blue by your scoutflies.

Continue heading deeper where you will find yourself near water and The Handler will join up with you as you search for more traces.

As you proceed further, you will come across a large trace and a cutscene will begin to play where you see the Odogaron.

You and The Handler will be saved from the Odogaron and will make an escape to bring The Handler out of harm’s way.

After this cutscene, the Into The Bowels OF The Vale quest will be available and can be continued from this point.

If you have left the mission to gear up or for another purpose, you will be starting off at the camp and can follow the scoutflies which will lead you to the Odogaron.

After reaching the Odogaron, begin fighting it until you can lower its health, forcing it to escape where you must then pursue it.

Once the Odogaron’s health is low, it will let out a loud cry which will disable you for a short amount of time as it makes an escape.

Follow the Odogaron and repeat the process of injuring it and chasing after it until it is near death which will cause it to run away and rest.

Should you be able to continuously deal damage to the Odogaron before it can make its last escape, you will end up killing it and the quest will be complete.

Quest Rewards

Completing the Into The Bowels Of The Vale quest will result in you receiving a reward of 5400 Zenny and will make two additional main quests available later on.

The Horned Tyrant Below The Sands and A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest quests will later on be available.


  • The Odogaron is quite powerful and can easily kill you if you are reckless which makes it ideal to focus on short combos unless the creature is stunned.
  • Bleeding can be caused by the Odogaron which will cause you to lose health when moving or attacking and will wear off if you stay crouched for a while or if you consume items such as Astera Jerky, Sunfish Scale or a Well-Done Steak.
  • Fighting the Odogaron is easily done if you wait for it to lunge and dodge to its side, allowing you to strike it with a few hits before it attacks again.
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