Horned Tyrant Below the Sands (Main Quest) in MHW

Horned Tyrant Below the Sands mhw mission

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Wildspire Waste
  • Quest Rank: 5

Along with the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest quest, this quest must be completed in order to prove that you are worthy so that the First Wyverian will give you information that will help track down Zorah Magdalos.

A Diablos has been found wandering around the Wildspire Waste which needs to be killed in order to prove that your kind is at the top of the food chain.

You will need to track down and hunt a deadly Diablos in this quest and only then will the First Wyverian deem you worthy as long as the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest has also been completed.


Your objective during this quest will be to track down the Diablos and slay it in order to prove you are worthy.


You will want to start out in the Eastern Camp (11) and crawl out of the opening which will bring you out into the open area of the Wildspire Waste as this will bring you out to an area which you can start off easily in as well as obtain materials.

It is most likely that you will begin finding Diablo tracks as you travel the area and once you do, keep following them until you find the creature which will be in Sector 8.

Once you reach Sector 8, a cutscene will eventually play as you get nearer to the Diablos’ location and it will attack an approaching Barroth, dragging it down to its lair and you along with it.

Begin fighting the Diablos and try to damage it as much as possible before it can start dealing excessive damage to you.

After you have dealt a large amount of damage to the monster, it will burrow into the ground and dig its way out of the area.

Once it starts burrowing away, follow it by analyzing for tracks it has left behind to eventually catch up to the monster.

The Diablos tends to escape and stay around Sector 6 and will begin roaming once it surfaces.

The Diablos will continue to attack you and eventually burrow from time to time to attack you as it surfaces.

Continue to fight and chase after it until you bring its health to a critical level.

If the Diablos takes more damage but has not had its health reduced to a very low amount, it will attempt to flee once more.

There is a high chance the Diablos will make its way for Sector 8 if it manages to escape from you again.

Once the Diablos health is at a critical level, it will retreat back to its lair where it will then rest or roam around for a bit.

Follow it into Sector 14 and deal the final blows to slay it and complete the mission.

Quest Rewards

After completing the Horned Tyrant Below The Sands quest, you will be rewarded with 5400 Zenny.

If you have also completed the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest, you will be able to later on begin the quest called A Colossal Task.


  • It is a good idea to head straight to Sector 8 to trigger the cutscene and begin the fight with the Diablos’ as soon as you are ready.
  • The Diablos is capable of burrowing in order to escape and attack you, making it quite unpredictable at times and you will need to keep a good distance if it burrows to see this.
  • In its lair, the Diablos has a habit of not only burrowing into the sand to attack you, but it will also enter the sand waterfalls and attack you by jumping out of them.
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