Torturous Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

The Necromancer’s Iron Maiden Skill is a useful curse that damages enemies when they attack you, but this is not where their torment ends.

Aside from enemies taking damage whenever they cause you harm, you can also add a chance for them to be stunned while they are cursed.

With the Torturous Aspect, Iron Maiden can be improved, which provides the skill with a chance to stun enemies when they deal direct damage.

Torturous Aspect

Torturous Aspect Effects (Iron Maiden Aspect)

When you have Torturous Aspect imprinted on one of your items, enemies that are affected by Iron Maiden have a chance of being stunned when they deal direct damage.

The chance for cursed enemies will be a certain percentage which can change based on the quality of the imprinted Aspect, item, or your level.

This provides you not only with a way to damage your attackers but they can also be stunned to give you an advantage while fighting them.

Torturous Aspect LocationTorturous Aspect is located in the Caldeum (Kehjistan)

You can unlock the Torturous Aspect in your Codex by completing the Deserted Underpass Dungeon, which can be found in Caldeum. (Kehjistan)

The Deserted Underpass can be found around the path near the northern exit of Denshar a few seconds away from the town.

How To Get Torturous Aspect? (Deserted Underpass Walkthrough)Destroying Ward of Eyes (3) in the Deserted Underpass

The Deserted Underpass is a quick dungeon to run as all you need to do is reach the Slithering Grounds and destroy the Ward of Eyes.

  • Slay all enemies in the Webbed Caverns
  • Travel to Slithering Grounds
  • Destroy Ward of Eyes (3)

You will be starting in the Webbed Caverns where all enemies need to be slain and will make your way to the Slithering Grounds where 3 Ward of Eyes need to be destroyed.

After you have destroyed all 3 of the Ward of Eyes, the dungeon run will be complete, and the Torturous Aspect will be unlocked.


Necromancers are well-known for cursing their enemies and Iron Maiden is one of the most popular ones they have had even since the previous titles but this time it has a little spice to it.

Iron Maiden with Torturous Aspect is great for Crowd Control, especially when you are fighting multiple enemies, allowing you to sprinkle the curse on them.

Since there are certain skills, passives, and other Aspects that benefit from attacking Crowd Controlled enemies, Iron Maiden with this Aspect can be used strategically.

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