Diablo 4 Entombed Legacy Quest Walkthrough

You and Donan make your way into the Eldhaime Barracks, which is full of death and debris as you search for his son Yorin.

Yorin will have been accompanied by guardians which makes Donan believe he may have survived the onslaught that has taken place.

The two of you will need to explore the remains of the Barracks in hopes to find Donan’s son or find out what happened to him.

Entombed Legacy Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Entombed Legacy Quest?

Entombed Legacy is a quest that follows after the completion of the quest called In Ruins, where you previously searched for Donan.

Entombed Legacy Quest ObjectivesGo with Donan to the passage

1) Enter Eldhaime Barracks

Now that Donan has hurried off into the Barracks, you will need to follow him so the two of you can begin your search.

2) Go with Donan through Eldhaime Barracks

You and Donan will now be in the Barracks which is full of fire, debris, and several dead people who were caught in the chaos.

Continue making your way through the area to search for clues that may hint where Yorin is and if he made it out alive.

3) Go with Donan to the passage

Donan will see the last of his son’s guardians as well as his mace, which may hint that something may have happened.

4) Escort Donan to Astaroth’s Tomb

The way to Astaroth’s tomb will be just below after climbing down from where Donan found the guardian and his son’s mace.

You will need to head down, which will take you to the Earthen Passage, and continue making your way by fighting through monsters.

Investigate the blood petals

5) Go with Donan to Astaroth’s Tomb

Donan will take point and you will need to follow him until you reach the Hidden Tomb, which is now empty without a trace of the Soulstone.

6) Investigate the blood petals

There will be blood petals on the ground that you will need to investigate to find out what happened in the Hidden Tomb.

Once you interact with the blood petals, Yorin’s fate will be revealed and the two of you continue your search for him by leaving the Barracks.

7) Speak with Donan

Donan will be waiting for you in the Great Hall and you will need to head down the stairs to speak with him about what will happen next.

Entombed Legacy Rewards

After leaving the Barracks and speaking to Donan, the Entombed Legacy quest will be complete, rewarding you with XP and Gold based on your current level.


The search for Yorin turned out cold and Donan’s son was indeed captured by Lilith, which was probably to spite the Horadrim.

It seems that Lilith has stabbed the Soulstone into Yorin’s forehead, allowing Astaroth to use him as a vessel to come into the world.

Donan believes there is still hope and requires that you join him later in Cerrigar to fight back and rescue Yorin before it is too late.

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