Aspect of the Tempest (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Druids can command the wind and one of the skills that help them in battle is the Hurricane Skill, which deals damage to enemies in a certain area around them.

The damage of Hurricane can further be increased as it remains active, which can be done with the help of Aspect of the Tempest.

Aspect of the Tempest modifies the Hurricane Skill, providing it with increased damage as the skill continues to be active in a battle.

Aspect of the Tempest

Aspect of the Tempest Effects (Hurricane Aspect)

Aspect of the Tempest increases the damage of Hurricane for each second that it is active, which leads to greater amounts of damage when it is near its end.

This provides Druids with the ability to deal more damage over time and the increased damage will have a different value based on your current level, gear, and more.

Since the Hurricane can be cast and remains while you are free to use other skills, it serves as a good way to deal damage in an area while you focus on other enemies.

Aspect of the Tempest LocationAspect of the Tempest can be found in the Fethis Wetlands (Hawezar)

Aspect of the Tempest can be unlocked once you have completed a run of the Blind Burrows Dungeon, which can be found in the Fethis Wetlands. (Hawezar)

You can reach the Blind Burrows by heading east from Zarbinzet or by making your way northwest coming from Vyeresz.

How To Get Aspect of the Tempest? (Blind Burrows Walkthrough)Fighting with the Broodguard in the Blind Burrows Dungeon

Once you are in the Blind burrows, you will need to travel from the Plagued Tunnels until you reach the Midnight Haven to seek out the Broodguard and defeat it.

  • Slay the Infested Villagers (3)
  • Travel to Midnight Haven
  • Defeat the Broodguard

After you have slain the Infested Villagers, you will be able to make your way into the Midnight Haven, which will lead you to the Midnight Haven.

Upon entering the Midnight Haven, the Broodguard (boss) will appear and you will have to defeat it to complete the Blind Burrows dungeon.


Aspect of the Tempest is a great addition to builds that utilize the Hurricane Skill, which includes certain Druid Werewolf Builds. (Hurricane is often used to boost the level of Werewolf Shapeshifting Skills)

Combined with other skills, passives, and Aspects, you can deal a great amount of damage depending on the timing you have with this skill.

The best way to make the most of the damage from Hurricane when it is empowered by Aspect of the Tempest is to remain near the targets you want to damage from its start to finish.

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