Aspect of Echoing Fury (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Barbarians are tough fighters that are capable of inspiring their allies or taunting enemies while battling evil forces in Sanctuary.

This can be done with the use of their different Shout Skills but with the addition of the Aspect of Echoing Fury, they can benefit more when the effects are active.

The Aspect of Echoing Fury provides you with Fury generation while it is active, which works well with other ways to gain Fury.

Aspect of Echoing Fury

Aspect of Echoing Fury Effects (Shout Aspect)

Your Shout Skills will provide you with a certain amount of Fury generated per second while its effects are active if you have Aspect of Echoing Fury.

This allows you to passively gain Fury during the duration of any Shout Skill that you use, which can help when you have other ways to build up Fury.

Being able to generate Fury with this Aspect is a good way to prepare to use your Core Skills or other skills while you are not attacking.

Aspect of Echoing Fury LocationAspect of Echoing Fury you can find in Scouring Sands (Kehjistan)

The Aspect of Echoing Fury can be unlocked by completing the Sirocco Caverns Dungeon, which can be found in Scouring Sands. (Kehjistan)

You can reach the Sirocco Caverns by heading southeast from Jirandai, which should be less than a minute away from the town. 

How To Get Aspect of Echoing Fury? (Sirocco Caverns Walkthrough)Slaying the Spider Callers in Sirocco Caverns

Starting in the Fowl Lair, you will need to get rid of 3 Silken Spires spread around the area before making your way to the Corrupted Sands.

  • Destroy the Silken Spire (3)
  • Travel to the Corrupted Sands
  • Slay the Spider Callers (2)

Reaching the Corrupted Sands will result in you having to Slay 2 Spider Callers before the dungeon is complete, rewarding you with the Aspect of Echoing Fury.


Fury generation is important for Barbarians as they need this resource to perform their powerful attacks, and this means every drop counts.

Regardless of which Shout Skill you use, you will gain additional Fury each second, which is not bad for a bonus effect along with whatever the shout does.

The amount of Fury gained each second may be different depending on what item you imprint the Aspect of Echoing Fury on as well as your level or the item’s level.

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