Save Arabella Quest Walkthrough: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Save Arabella is a quest that you obtain that takes place in Druids’ Grove, where you see a group of parents demanding to have their child returned.

It turns out that a Tiefling child had stolen an idol from the grove and has been taken into captivity, awaiting her punishment.

You will need to find out what has happened to the child and bring her back safely before something tragic happens to her.

Arabella Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get Save Arabella Quest?

If you have made it to the Druids’ Grove, you will most likely be searching for Nettie to see if she can help you with the tadpoles that had been placed inside of your head.

A couple will be outside and blocked by druids near the Sacred Pool as their child has been taken and as you make it into the Emerald Grove to witness what happens, the quest begins.

Save Arabella WalkthroughHaving a conversation with Kagha

Once you have entered the Emerald Grove, there are two ways this quest can play out, which will be with you attempting to talk Kagha out of what she is doing or to watch.

You can perform a skill check during a conversation with Kagha (begins when you go near them) to convince her to stop what she is doing.

Failing the skill check or doing nothing will result in Arabella attempting to run away, only to be bitten by a snake that causes her life to end.

After either of the two paths has occurred, you will need to return to Arabella’s parents to give her the news of what has happened.

Being able to save Arabella by taking Kagha out of it will result in the parents being grateful, providing you with a gift from her mother.

Bringing them the bad news or even lying about Arabella being alive after she has been killed will result in the parents being devastated, yielding no rewards.

Save Arabella Quest Rewards

If Arabella survives and you return to her parents, her mother (Komira) will give you an Uncommon Locket called Komira’s Locket.

Komira’s Locket grants you the ability to cast the Dancing Lights spell, which allows you to illuminate the area around you.

If Arabella dies and you return to her parents or tell them she will be released shortly, you will get no reward when the quest is complete.


Arabella is only a child and a mischievous one at most but she doesn’t deserve the cruel fate that Kagha has decided for her.

It seems Kagha has little control over her druid powers as the slightest attempt to escape made by Arabella results in her death from the snake.

Thankfully, you are around and may be able to save Arabella from Kagha, who will soon pay for her treacherous ways.

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