Dagger +1 (Location & How to Get From Roasted Meat): BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of goodies lying around that you can easily get with the littlest of effort, one is the Dagger +1 which can be found stabbed in a piece of Roasted Meat.

Obtaining enhanced weapons can happen often in the game but you need to do a bit and beyond to get your hands on them unlike with this weapon.

You can get your hands on a Dagger +1 as early in the game once you reach the Blighted Village within only a few seconds after exploring.

Dagger +1 Baldur's Gate 3
Dagger +1 Location (Blighted Village)Dagger +1 Location

There are multiple times when you can get a Dagger +1 but one of the easiest of them is once you reach the Blighted Village.

If you have reached the Blighted Village, you can easily find the weapon stabbed into a piece of meat if you head north and climb a bit.

There is nothing to worry about either since the dagger is not guarded by any enemies and you are free to take it if you can.

How To Get Dagger +1 From Roasted Meat?Roasted meat cooking using campfire

Once you reach the campfire that has a piece of Roasted Meat cooking over it, you will see the Dagger +1 that appears to be firmly stuck into it.

Interacting with Dagger +1 will begin an event where you need to choose one of the skill checks that will allow you to remove the dagger.

Passing the skill check will allow you to remove the dagger and it will now be yours but failure to do so will result in the dagger being broken and worthless.

Is the Dagger +1 Any Good?

Like all weapons, this dagger has its uses, especially for Dexterity builds or characters that utilize stealth or require this as a weapon type.

It can be used as a main weapon along with another dagger or it can be equipped as an offhand weapon alongside another.

Since this is an enhanced version of the regular dagger, not only does it have an exquisite look, but it also provides more damage.


Obtaining the Dagger +1 early in the game can provide certain characters with benefits, especially since they can deal more damage.

You may want to prepare a Quicksave so that you can do a Quickload if ever you fail to pass the skill check try again until you get the weapon.

While it is not the strongest weapon in the game, it certainly becomes useful early on or may still be used if you are dual wielding and want it as an offhand weapon.

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