Ark Vulture (How to Tame, Drops, Food, Location…)

Ark Vulture

The Torgos Arcam is a strange creature with a carrion feeder diet that existed during the early Pleistocene period and is docile at times but aggressive when near what it considers food.

This creature is no doubt one of the strangest birds you may find around due to their passive behavior which turns very aggressive in the presence of corpses.

Vultures will usually fly around looking for food and will attempt to kill anything that attacks one of its kind, devouring the corpses after attacking.

A Vulture will not attack survivors on sight and cane even be fed in order to be tamed but if there are dead creatures nearby, these birds of prey turn hostile and will pursue and attack what it thinks is after its food.

Most tribes make use of Vultures due to their ability to attack enemies even when they are on their mounts.


Dossier Summary

This species of Torgos has a resemblance to the Lappet-Faced Vultures and remains mostly in similar habitat such as deserts and other areas where it may scavenge.

Vultures will usually be flying around in search of food and once they have spotted a corpse, they will become very aggressive to anything else that they think will take their meal.

It appears that the more Vulture that are present in a pack, the more confident they are in attacking their targets.

While these creatures are too small to carry items or be ridden, they do provide good means of protecting its owner and can even keep perishables in good condition longer that other storage.

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Seek (Passive)

Vultures will attempt to protect their masters and will attack hostiles that trigger its aggressions and may even cause them to attack those that are mounted on other creatures.



The Vulture is capable of preserving perishables in its extra stomach and will attempt to harvest from nearby corpses that its master gets in contact with.

Theses creatures will attack enemies while mounted on their owner’s shoulder and will pursue enemies if thrown.

Damage Dealer

While they do not exactly do a lot of damage to larger creatures, Vultures have a habit of attacking the riders instead of creatures themselves which can change the outcome of certain fights.

How to Tame Vulture?

Vultures are passively tamed and will need to be fed periodically until their taming bar is full but do be careful as any corpses nearby will cause it to become aggressive.


Other Food

  • Spoiled Meat
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat


Not Ridable

The Vulture cannot be ridden and therefore has no saddle but it can be mounted on your shoulder.



Upon mating, the female Vulture will drop a Fertilized Vulture Egg which is distinguished by its navy colored body and cyan spots.


Resources Harvested From Vulture Body

  • Hide
  • Spoiled Meat


Vultures are usually found in deserts but have also been spotted at the base of mountains and near rocky terrain.

Maps where the Vulture spawns:

  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok

Vulture Spawn Location:

The following are spawn maps where the Vulture can be found

Scorched Earth:



One would regret stumbling upon a group of Vultures that are feeding on corpses as these will easily tear a survivor to shreds, especially one who is not prepared.

These creatures do not seem to be much of a threat when alone but some tribes have tamed groups of them and even bred them to make pilot killing birds of prey.

Another reason survivor would seek out Vultures is because they can be a temporary source for spoiled meat as these creatures provide spoiled meat when their corpses are harvested.

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