Augment Tweaks: Update 25.6.0


Another update has come where DE has added a new feature as well as made a few new changes to the augments.

For those that do not know what they are, Augments are special mods that are originally purchased from Syndicates for standing.

These mods modify certain abilities and allow you to utilize them depending on your build and playstyle.

Augments Now Show Complete Information When Equipped


Above is an image of Frost Prime having no augment for Snow Globe, it is normal and just how it should be.

Back then if we put an augment tit would just remain the same and show this info but DE has changed this and made everything more informative and user friendly.


The image above shows what it looks like once the Chilling Globe augment has been installed and It shows the additional effects as well as the stats.

Before when we used to equip an augment, we would have to rely on the information that we get from others or that we learn by testing them out.

DE has made it possible for us to immediately see the effects of the augments to the abilities in the modding screen making it easier for us to make our builds and understand the effects of the augment mods.

 Augment Reworks

Some augments have been reworks and may be different from how they used to be in an attempt to tweak everything to make it more balanced.

These can mostly be considered as great improvements and may yet help you get back to that build you might have always wanted but had been hindered from due to the lack of usefulness.

Here are the reworks mentioned in this update:

Contagion Cloud – Toxic Lash Augment – Saryn


  • Allow buff to activate when enemy is killed by damage over time effects
  • General increase on range and damage

Explosive Legerdemain – Sleight of Hand Augment – Mirage


  • Increase damage and status chance when triggered

Furious Javelin – Radial Javelin Augment – Excalibur


  • Increase duration and damage on the buff

Hallowed Eruption – Hallowed Ground Augment – Oberon


  • Additional passive ability that adds 100% to Hallowed Ground duration
  • Always applies radiation status on detonation

Hysterical Assault – Hysteria Augment – Valkyr


  • Let invulnerability linger for half a second when aiming to prevent getting downed
  • immediately in high-damage areas
  • Increased Range

Magnetized Discharge – Magnetize Augment – Mag


  • Include a passive benefit that increases power range for this Ability only

Muzzle Flash – Shooting Gallery Augment – Mesa


  • For kills made by a player (self or ally) with Shooting Gallery activated, generate a blinding AoE when threshold is met

Piercing Navigator – Navigator Augment – Ivara 


  • Added 3m Punch Through to Projectile

Piercing Roar – Roar Augment – Rhino


  • Allow Roar to be recast when equipped
  • Increase debuff duration based on equipped Mods
  • Generate a stagger effect on enemies when the Roar hits

Rising Storm – Blade Storm Augment – Ash


  • Attacks by clones will raise the combo counter
  • Include a passive benefit to extend the combo counter by a duration

Shock Trooper – Shock Augment – Volt 


  • Holding the casting button will send out a wave (much like similar, expanding Warframe Abilities) giving the elemental buff to every player it touches, including the caster

Smoke Shadow – Smoke Screen Augment – Ash


  • Increased Range.

Sonic Fracture – Sonic Boom Augment – Banshee 


  • Armor Reduction is applied even if Ragdoll fails.

Target Fixation – Tail Wind Augment – Zephyr


  • Remove buff after 2 seconds of being on the ground, instead of immediately
  • Damage increase per target hit

Tidal Impunity – Tidal Surge – Hydroid


  • Increase the duration of the immunity buff

Titanic Rumbler – Rumblers Augment – Atlas


  • Increase to damage and speed
  • Re-triggering the power will activate the taunt, as well as cause a knockdown effect

Total Eclipse – Eclipse Augment – Mirage


  • Increase range on the buff to other players

Transistor Shield – Electric Shield Augment – Volt


  • No additional energy drain when a shield is picked up by another player
  • Increase damage conversion %

Other augments have been listed but these are the only current ones to have been described at the current time.



Another fancy addition to the update is the new Loadout Screens which are now much better to look as well as much more customizable.

Those that do not use these should take note of this as you can easily prepare your loadouts for Warframes and the equipment they have, saving you a lot of time instead of always changing your equipment over and over again.

They also allow you to use custom icons by selecting from any of the glyphs that you already own which is a pretty neat touch.

DE is really outdoing themselves making everything more user friendly and nice to look at as well.

Additional Fixes

As an addition, there have been more fixes done to the game making it much better regardless of how big or small the change is.

This is a list of the fixes that have been done in the update as posted by [DE] Rebecca


  • Fixed being unable to sprint in Archwing if the player is mid Slide and then launches the Archwing while still holding Slide.
  • Fixed collision issues with Nyx’s Hecaton Shotgun skin.
  • Fixed issues with Ephemeras not disappearing when the wearer is gone (i.e in and out of Operator).
  • Fixed an FX leak on the Spore Ephemera.
  • Fixed issues on Grineer Shipyards Defense where Ancients could get stuck.
  • Fixed Lega and Klamora Prisms pointlessly showing Ammo.  Test build bug.
  • Fixed Captura camera continuing to play even when not in free-cam mode, causing weird blur issues.
  • Fixed missing sound effect when Hallowed Eruption is detonated

Micro Optimizations 

  • Optimized numerous scripts across the game. “