Warframe Atlas Build 2023 Guide

Atlas Warframe

Atlas is a brawler Warframe considered to be a titan who has abilities tied with the earthly resources and powerful fighting techniques.

He is very good for melee engagements due to his sturdiness and his melee ability along with the addition of him being able to cast offensive and crowd control abilities.

How to Get Atlas?



Atlas’ blueprint is a reward from completing “The Jordas Precept” which also opens the Jordas Golem Assassination mission (Archwing) which rewards his parts upon completion.

Atlas is also available to be purchased for 275 platinum from the market accessible from the orbiter.

Atlas Prime


Atlas Prime is the Prime variant Atlas and has an increased amount of armor, energy, shield and sprint speed.

Relics that contain Atlas Prime:

  • Blueprint:  Lith D1
  • Neuroptics:  Axi A6
  • Chassis:  Meso E3
  • Systems:  Neo A3

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(Atlas’ Abilities)

Atlas has the ability to unleash devastating combos, summon earthly material to block enemies and use it to crush them, turn enemies into stone and summon earthly minions to fight alongside him.

Atlas has the unique ability to collect rubble which drops from enemies that are petrified and by Rumblers when they die.

Rubble restores 50 health to Atlas or gives him bonus armor and will diminish over time.

Due to his powerful state, Atlas is immune to being knocked down when he is on the ground.

1) Landslide


Atlas performs a powerful strike by dashing towards an enemy and dealing the blow which damages the enemy as well as nearby enemies.

Each attack will result in the next one combining into a combo where the last hit is capable of knocking enemies back.

Petrified enemies will grant more health and armor by dropping rubble.

During the charge, Atlas will be immune to damage.

This is a very powerful and not to mention but fun ability as it can really make it easy to close up on enemies or even kill them alone with multiple casts.


(Atlas casting Landslide)


Augment Mod: Path of Statues causes Landslide to leave a trail that petrifies enemies, turning them into stone for an amount of time.

2) Tectonics


Atlas summons a rock wall to block enemies and draw their fire allowing him and his allies to stay safe and take advantage.

Recasting the ability will cause the rock wall to transform into a boulder and roll towards enemies, damaging them in an area.

Petrify may be cast on the bulwark which will make it roll faster, further and deal more damage when turned into a boulder.

Tectonics may be used to block pathways, cutting enemies off while waiting for them move together to recast into a boulder to destroy them.


(Atlas casting Tectonics to create wall)


(Atlas recasting Tectonics to turn wall into boulder)


Augment Mod: Tectonic Fracture allows Atlas to create up to 3 walls and no longer enables them to become boulders.

3) Desecrate


Atlas sends out a burst in front of him which turns enemies into stone, making them unable to do anything for a period of time.

Enemies that are killed while under the effects of Petrify will drop rubble which may be picked up by Atlas.

This can be used well for crowd control as it makes enemies very vulnerable as well as gives an easy chance to kill them.

Petrify may be used to cast on Rumblers to restore their health and on bulwarks to increase their speed, distance and damage.

An easy way to collect rubble would be to cast this on several enemies and kill them when they are petrified.


(Atlas casting Petrify)


Augment Mod: Ore Gaze causes Petrify to cause enemies to be scanned into the codex and have a 25% chance to drop additional loot when killed.

4) Rumblers


Atlas summons 2 Rumblers which are stone-like elementals that fight beside him and help by throwing projectiles at enemies or smashing at close range.

Rumblers will fight until they die or until they are unsummoned and will also drop rubble when this happens.

When casting Rumblers, enemies nearby will be turned to stone and will be under the same effects as his Petrify ability.

This ability is grants Atlas 2 powerful Rumblers which fight well and can take the focus of enemies away from Atlas and his allies which becomes a great help in many situations.


(Atlas with his Rumblers who are destroying enemies)


Augment Mod: Titanic Rumbler changes the Rumblers ability to spawn only one Rumbler who has increased stats.

Suggested Builds

Strength Build


This build focuses on increasing the strength of Atlas’ abilities while also benefiting him with a good amount of efficiency with the reduction only in duration.

The damage of Landslide will be increase and its energy cost becomes reduced while having a smaller combo time.

Tectonics will have increased health when and deal more damage when turned into a boulder and upon exploding.

Petrify will cost less energy while the duration of the ability will be reduced.

The damage, health and armor of Rumblers will be increased with a reduction in their energy consumed at the cost of having a shorter time.

This build works well when you plan to deal as much damage as possible with your abilities and goes well when you can perfect the timing on when you cast your abilities and how your play strategy.



(Atlas casting the Landslide ability)

Balanced Build


The Balance Build allows Atlas to have increased stats for all of his abilities while not focusing on a specific stat but increasing them altogether.

With this build it becomes easy for Atlas to make use of all of his abilities having no negative stats but rather a balance amount of them.

All abilities will have an increase in strength, duration, range and efficiency making the build good for those who are both new and old with Atlas.


(Atlas fighting alongside Rumbler)

Efficiency Build


The efficiency build has slight increases in all stats but limits them in a way in exchange for having a high amount of efficiency.

With this build, Atlas can repeatedly cast his abilities and make use of them with strategies that require continuous casting or the repetitive use of his abilities.

This build goes well with several playstyles and can allow Atlas to effectively cast his abilities more than he normally could.


(Atlas using multiple abilities)



Atlas is a very fun to use Warframe and not to mention powerful one as well.

His amazing combos allow him to kill enemies and become almost unstoppable during the process, allowing him to land blow after blow.

The ability to summon a bulwark and turn it into a boulder become very useful and situational for both defense and offense.

Petrify is a great way to deal crowd control which can greatly help out Atlas and his team when there are a lot of enemies.

Rumblers is a very useful ability as not only does it grant crowd control upon casting but the opportunity to have 2 powerful fighters on your side can give you and your team the upper hand.

Atlas is mainly a melee Warframe since he is a brawler type of Warframe and with the addition of his skills he gains the opportunity to be used for many strategic types of play.

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