Warframe Hildryn Build 2024 Guide

Hildryn Warframe

Hildryn is Warframe that utilizes her shields to fight her enemies as well as protect her allies, being able to cause destruction to her foes and bolster the survivability of her allies.

She is a Warframe capable of dealing large amounts of damage and deal crowd control in to several enemies making her good for clearing up enemies and creating openings during conflict.

How to Get Hildryn?



Hildryn’s main blueprint may be purchased from Little Duck with Vox Solaris standing after reaching the Agent rank or higher.

The blueprints for her components may be acquired as rewards from defeating the Exploiter Orb in Orb Vallis.

Instead of farming for her parts and purchasing her blueprint, Hildryn may be purchased for 325 platinum in the market on the orbiter.

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(Hildryn’s Abilities)

Hildryn has the ability to fire powerful blasts at enemies, steal the shields of her enemies and replenish it for herself and her allies, protect allies with a shield aura and take flight while suspending her enemies in the air.

Her shielding system is advanced which makes her utilize it more than other Warframes would normally and because of this, instead of using energy, she uses her shields to power her abilities.

When affected by overshields, Hildryn gains protection from damage that bypasses shields which protects her from taking damage straight to her health while her shields are up.

When her shields become depleted, she becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds which also affects her allies that she is linked with via her Haven ability.

Since her abilities are powered by her shields, she casts abilities by using the shields itself and when picking up energy restores, she gains shield points and her shields will charge regardless of the recharge delay.

Mods or arcanes that are affected by energy pickups still give their affects even if they restore her shields.

1) Balefire


Hildryn uses her Exalted Weapon, the Balefire charger which uses her shields to fire powerful energy bolts that deal area damage.

This ability does a large amount of damage based on the ability strength and the build of her Exalted Weapon which can be modded like any normal weapon.

She is capable of unleashing devastating amounts of damage to enemies which can instantly kill majority of those she goes up against.


(Hildryn shooting her enemies with the Balefire Charger)

2) Pillage


Hildryn steals armor and shields from enemies in an area and replenishes the shields of herself and her nearby allies.

The effects of the ability also remove any status affect that she and her allies are inflicted with.

This ability is very useful for removing status effects from you and your team as well as restoring everyone’s shields for survivability.

Using this ability can instantly replenish the shields of Hildryn as well as grant her a large amount of overshields, basically giving her more shields for protection and to use her abilities with.


(Hildryn casting Pillage near group of enemies)


(Hildryn being affected by Pillage, having her shields restored and gaining overshields)

3) Haven


Hildryn uses her shields to link to her allies and enemies creating different effects to those that are linked with.

Allies that have been linked by this ability will gain an increased shield capacity along with a faster shield recharge.

The invulnerability phase when shields are depleted also benefit allies when they are linked to Hildryn basically granting them extra emergency protection.

Links will be sent to enemies which will cause them to take radiation damage per second continuously.


(Hildryn with Haven activated, linked to enemies and dealing damage)

4) Aegis Storm


Hildryn begins to hover into the air allowing her to move around freely while an aura is created below her blasts her enemies, dealing damage and suspending them into the air.

Enemies affected will create energy orbs every few seconds and when shields are out, Hildryn will slam to the grounds, smashing enemies down along the way.

Hildryn may only use her Balefire Chargers to attack enemies when this ability is active and pillage will not be able to be cast until the ability has ended.

This ability is great for dealing damage and crowd control while providing an energy source for Hildryn and her allies.


(Hildryn with Aegis Storm activated)


(Hildryn firing her Balefire Charger at enemies during Aegis Storm)


(Hildryn deactivating Aegis Storm)

Suggested Builds

Balanced Build


This Balanced Build is meant to allow Hildryn to make use of her abilities with good increases in the stats of her abilities.

She will deal more damage as well as gain better effects from the abilities that she uses along with an increased range to benefit the reach of her abilities.

This build works well for multiple types of missions and is a recommended build for those new to the Warframe or who are looking for a simple but effective build.


(Hildryn using her abilities while fighting enemies)

Strength Build


With the Ability Strength build, Hildryn will be able to deal tremendous amounts of damage to her enemies as well as gain greatly increased effects from her abilities.

This makes her Balefire Chargers deal massive amounts of damage, capable of killing enemies instantly.

Hildryn will be able to steal large amounts of shields from enemies which can greatly replenish her shields, giving her more shields to consume while also as adding overshields.

Haven and Aegis Storm will use up more shields but this can be countered with the use of Pillage when low on shields to instantly restore a large portion.


(Hildryn using Balefire Chargers during Aegis Storm)

Range Build


The Range build will benefit Hildryn by giving her a larger radius with her builds which gives her more effectiveness from a distance.

Her Pillage ability will reach further out, capable of stealing shields from several enemies in a wide area while her Haven may reach allies and enemies further away from her location.

Aegis Storm will have a larger area of effect, making it easier to apply crowd control when using the ability.

This build is good for both large and small maps giving Hildryn easy reach to enemies and quicker access to their shields as well as a better coverage of area when dealing area damage.


(Hildryn using Aegis Storm and Haven, killing enemies at a great distance)



Hildryn is a great Warframe when it comes to dealing both instant and continuous damage due to her unique abilities.

Her Balefire Chargers alone are capable of dealing a large amount of damage and along with her abilities to steal shield and provide allies with buffs, she become good at both support and heavy damage per second.

Aegis Storm is not only good for crowd control and damage but I can also give her the necessary mobility when she needs to maneuver or get out of range of enemies.

Her unique shield system which causes her to use shields to power her abilities gives her a large pool to use when casting her abilities and along with the Pillage ability she can easily replenish it.

Hildryn has a great deal of survivability as well as damage dealing capabilities making her a very powerful all-around Warframe.

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