Warframe Ash Build 2024 Guide

Ash Warframe

Ash is a stealthy assassin Warframe who excels in killing enemies while hidden and taking out groups with quick movement and shadowy tactics.

He is considered one of the deadliest combinations of both stealth and damage due to the immense damage of his abilities and the opportunities he has when casting them.




Parts for Ash may be dropped by Manics who may be found in various Grineer missions where alarms are active and enemies are alerted of the player’s presence such as excavation and survival missions.

His blueprint may be purchased from the Ingame market in the orbiter for 35,000 Credits.

Instead of farming his parts from Manics and purchasing his blueprint,Ash may be bought in the Ingame market for 375 Platinum.

Ash Prime

Ash Prime

Being the Prime variant of the Ash Warframe, Ash Prime has a higher amount of armor, shield and movement speed.

Relics that contain Ash Prime:

  • Blueprint:  Vaulted: Lith S3, Meso C1, Meso S3 Available: None
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso N2, Meso V4, Neo N3, Neo V4, Axi N2 Available: None
  • Chassis: Vaulted: Meso V2, Neo N4, Axi B1 Available: None
  • Systems:  Vaulted: Neo N5, Axi N1  Available: None



(Ash’s Abilities)

Ash has the ability to throw deadly Shuriken that deals damage and can cause enemies to bleed, cause himself to disappear from enemy sight while disabling them, teleporting at will to an enemy he plans to kill and using his deadly technique to assassinate enemies with copies of himself.

His passive ability allows bleeding damage caused by him to deal 25% more damage and last 50% longer than it normally would.

Also Read Abilities of

1) Shuriken

Shuriken Ash

Ash tosses Shuriken at two of the nearest enemies that he is targeting which deal damage and will cause enemies to bleed.

The Shuriken will seek enemies if Ash is not facing any of them and reaches about 50-60 meters while being able to penetrate walls and other objects.

This is useful for taking out enemies from afar or inflicted them with bleeding damage which can be used for several different builds and tactics.

Using this attack can be a good way to deal damage to health regardless if the enemy has full shields.


(Ash using Shuriken on enemies)


Augment Mod: Seeking Shuriken causes the Shuriken thrown by ash to reduce enemy armor greatly for a period of time.

2) Smoke Screen


Ash uses a smoke bomb, tossing it on the ground to stun enemies and render himself invisible for a period of time.

This become handy when Ash is in a tight situation where he may be overrun by enemies, may take fatal damage or needs to resurrect an ally and more.

The stun can be very useful as crowd control and the ability to become invisible not only increases his survivability but also allows him to have more time to use his other abilities safely.

Being invisible will make it easy for Ash to use abilities on enemies as well as kill them which can even allow him to clear missions undetected.


(Ash killing an enemy with a finisher while invisible)


Augment Mod: Smoke Shadow allows allies to be affected by the Smoke Screen ability.

3) Teleport

Teleport Ash

In an instant, Ash can teleport to an enemy which will stun them and allow Ash to attack them with a finisher.

This is great for setting up an enemy to take intense finisher damage from Ash or an ally as well as good for traveling great distances and closing space between an enemy.

Using this ability during Blade Storm on a marked enemy will allow Ash to join the fray, attacking all of the enemies that are marked.


(Ash teleporting to an enemy and stunning them)


Augment Mod: Fatal Teleport will cause Ash to do a finisher on the target that he teleports to.

4) Blade Storm

Blade Storm Ash

When activated, Ash goes into a mode where he may begin to lock on to enemies by targeting them which marks them.

Enemies may be marked by hovering your reticle on them or passing them.

Once the ability is activated again, all enemies that are marked 3 times will be attacked by shadow clones.

If Ash teleports on a marked enemy, he will instantly teleport to them and do the attacks to each enemy himself in a cinematic-like mode where he will also be invulnerable.


(Enemies being killed by shadow clones)


Augment Mod: Rising Storm causes the melee multiplier to last 100% longer before it resets.

Suggested Builds

Balanced Build


With this build Ash should be able to use all of his abilities all with decent stats as well as have a good amount of survivability with the high health and shields.

This allows all of his abilities to have a fair amount of all stats and will prove effective in several situations.

For people experimenting with Ash or who are still figuring out how to master his abilities, this build goes well as it boosts all of them.

All abilities will cost less energy, damage will be fairly increased, range will have a good boost and the duration will do well enough for the Smoke Screen ability.


(Ash using multiple abilities during a mission)

Ability Based Build


This build focuses more on allowing Ash to cast his abilities not only for a lower cost of energy but also with the opportunity of having a higher energy pool.

The damage of Shuriken will be increased while being allowed to be cast multiple times due to decrease in energy cost.

Smoke Screen will last slightly longer than normal and will cost less, allowing you to frequently stay invisible and save from enemy sight.

Teleport will cost less energy and can be used multiple times, making it easy to catch up from enemies or move around quickly.

Blade Storm will be able to target multiple enemies due to the high base energy and low cost of energy and executing a lot of enemies becomes easier and can be done frequently.

This build is good for all of Ash’s abilities and can be used greatly when it comes to taking out enemies and staying safe in the shadows.


(Ash using his Blade Storm ability)

Duration Build


This build mainly focuses on Smoke Screen, allowing ash to stay invisible longer to take enemies out from safety.

The addition of ability strength will allow Ash to use Shuriken and Blade Storm to a good extent.

The range has been decreased but only by a small amount making this build still sufficient for using all of the abilities that Ash has.

This build goes great for those who want to stay invisible and kill enemies with weapons but also suits the use of abilities.


(Ash killing an enemy while under the effects of Smoke Screen)



Ash is a very stealthy and deadly Warframe, capable of flashing about the battlefield, striking enemy by enemy with easy.

He has many skills which prompt finishers, allowing very powerful damage to be done to enemies.

With the use of his Blade Storm ability, he can wipe out several enemies with ease due to the high damage it can do.

When one prefers to strike from the shadows and clear out enemies swiftly, Ash can be a ton of fun to use as well as very powerful and strategic.

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