6 Top Sword & Shield in Monster Hunter World

best sword & Shield MHW

Ferocious and unforgiving are ways to describe the monsters you will be facing in Monster Hunter World and with your skills you might want to give them a fair fight whereas the Sword and Shield is a good weapon choice for you.

The Sword and Shield is a simple weapon compared to other melee weapons although it can be much more flexible in hunts with the seamless use of consumable items or placing a trap as well as a quick switch to your slinger.

The Sword and Shield can be easy to use but kinda tricky when it comes to mastering although those who chose to master such a weapon come up with a trick or true once they perfect its usage.

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Our top Sword and Shield have been chosen above others of the same weapon type based criterias on a couple of things such as overall damage and elemental strength after reviewing weapons that have unleashed or hidden elements.

We also considered their affinity value that greatly improves damage values of every swing of your sword or every strike of your shield since the Sword and Shield does not have flashy features but relies more on your skill and making every hit count.

With their overall looks and customizability with builds, these are the ones we have chosen as the best Sword and Shield for Monster Hunter World.

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Best Sword and Shields

Based on our criteria, the following are our chosen best 6 Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter World:

1) Corona (Rathalos Tree)


AugmentAffinityElementElemental DamageSlot

Materials Required



Azure Rathalos Scale+ x6, Azure Rathalos Carapace x4, Azure Rathalos Wing x3, Rathalos Ruby x1

The flame prince’s sword, this weapon is designed after the Rathalos, Corona has a bright orange and red glow to its blade that shows what fury and intensity it can bring into the hunt.

A powerful weapon indeed, this fire element Sword and Shield has one of the highest damage among the others of the same weapon.

This weapon has 2 augment slots and a high affinity rating which makes the weapon flexible and very handy with different builds.

2) Malady’s Tabar (Great Girros Tree)


AugmentAffinityElementElemental DamageSlot

Materials Required



Vaal Hazak Fang+ x2, Great Girros Fang+ x5, Great Girros Hood+ x3, Bird Wyvern Gem x1

This weapon from the Great Girros has a simple yet formidable look with blackened steel and instead of a standard sword, its intimidating shield is coupled with an axe blade.

High affinity, high damage and Paralysis Status makes this weapon great for builds that can boost and maximize its damage output.

Although it doesn’t have many customization options, it is still a powerful weapon altogether and can outperform most weapons with the same status type.

3) Master Bang (Workshop Weapon Tree)


AugmentAffinityElementElemental DamageSlot

Materials Required



High Commendation x1, Daora Claw+ x3, Bazelgeuse Talon x3, Wyvern Gem x1

With a small buckler and a large curved blade, the Master Bang shows a lot of work and craftsmanship that went into the design of this weapon.

The Master Bang carries a hidden element that can only be released and made usable with the Free Elem/Ammo Up skill that can be obtained from either armor, jewels or even charm skills.

With high damage that can be improved with the Elementless skill this weapon certainly brings a lot of flexibility when it comes to builds with its 3-0-0 decoration and 2 augment slots.

4) Datura Blossom III (Pukei-Pukei Tree)


AugmentAffinityElementElemental DamageSlot

Materials Required



Vaal Hazak Wing x2, Pukei-Pukei Sac+ x4, Pukei-Pukei Wing x6, Bird Wyvern Gem x1

With a feathery design after the Pukei-Pukei this Sword and Shield has a broad headed blade and round buckler that certainly gives it a tribal look overlapping with metal crafts.

This weapon covers a lot of things in our criteria of the best with its damage and ability to cause the poison status effect to deal damage to enemies over time.

5) Empress Edge “Blaze” (Lunastra)


AugmentAffinityElementElemental DamageSlot

Materials Required



Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Horn x2, Teostra Horn+ x3, Bazelgeuse Gem x1

Always beautiful and elegant with its turquoise crystalline hue that takes inspiration from the Lunastra, this Sword and Shield is certainly a deadly work of art.

With its high affinity and passive skills, this can fit most support roles or tank builds that can be self sufficient without much need for damage increasing skills.

6) Witcher’s Silver Sword+  (The Witcher Tree)


AugmentAffinityElementElemental DamageSlot

Materials Required



Ancient Leshen Skull x1, Ancient Cursed Bone x4, Ancient Leshen Antlers x2, Leshen Resin x5

A beautiful and masterfully crafted sword that has etched glowing runes on the center of the blade and a translucent bubble that represents the guard stance for this Sword and Shield.

This  Sword and Shield carries the dragon element and a high Elderseal that can perform exceptionally well in Elder Dragon hunts.


The Sword and Shield itself is not quite as strong as other weapons when unmastered, but once the wielder has mastered its uses, the weapon and the wielder seem to move as one on the battlefield.

Swords and Shields that are on this list can fit different builds and are the best examples of the craftable options for Sword and Shield  in the game.

Taking this list as a guide you can determine also which can be considered good weapons for you to use if you are looking for that specific element that was not mentioned on this list, so feel free to try them out for yourself to see what best fits your hunts.

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