Genshin Impact Things a Father Can Do Quest

Genshin Things a Father Can Do (World Quest)

An old man named Tunner, who is located nearby the Dawn Winery will be approachable and will have a terrible cough.

It seems this old man has had the cough for quite some time and even went to the sisters at the church, but they did not seem to be able to cure it.

Instead, he was prescribed medicine to alleviate the symptoms, but Tunner cannot get them as he is too old to go venturing and needs your help.

How To Get Things a Father Can Do Quest?

The Things a Father Can Do world quest can be started by talking to the old man named Tunner who is located near the Dawn Winery.

Things a Father Can Do Quest Objectives

1) Talk to Tunner

To start the quest you will need to speak to Tunner, who will tell you about his cough situation which has been going on for quite some time.

Tunner will tell you that you need to find 3 Sweet Flowers and take them to Jilliana, who will be able to make some medicine for his cough.

2) Gather 3 Sweet Flowers

You will need to first obtain 3  Sweet Flowers, which can be found almost anywhere in Teyvat but at this time you might already have plenty.

If you already have 3 or more Sweet Flowers, this objective will be skipped and you can instead head straight to Jilliana to have her make the medicine for Tunner.

3) Give the Medicine (Sweet Flowers) to Jilliana

Once you have obtained 3 Sweet Flowers, head to Jilliana, who will be in Mondstadt City, and talk to her so she can make the medicine.

After a quick dialogue, she will hand over an item called Tunner’s Cough Syrup, which you will then need to bring back to Tunner.

4) Report Back to Tunner

Head back to Tunner (using a Teleport Waypoint is suggested) and speak to him to give him the medicine for his cough.

After you have spoken with Tunner, he will thank you and give you rewards for helping him out and completing the quest in the process.

Things a Father Can Do Rewards

Completing this commission will provide you with rewards that are based on your Adventure Rank Level, which may result in the following:

  • Primogem
  • Adventure Exp
  • Mora
  • Companionship EXP
  • Enhancement Ore (Normal/Fine/Mystic)


Not everyone is a capable adventurer and time has taken a toll on Tunner but thankfully, you were around to help him out.

With the Tunner’s Cough Syrup now given, he should be able to medicate himself and hopefully get rid of his pesky cough.

Once again you were able to help an innocent bystander in Teyvat, one of the many things you will need to do often.

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