Destiny 2 The Communion Mission

Destiny 2 The Communion Mission

  • Mission Type: The Witch Queen Campaign
  • Mission Location: Europa

After picking up Sagira’s shell, you were able to access a fragment of a memory that belongs to Savathun, which seemed to also unlock an ability within you.

Ikora believes you can strengthen the ability at the Europan Pyramid, which will make you trace back your steps to a past you once explored in Beyond Light.

You will need to head to Europa and locate the pyramid, which you will need to once again gain access to unlock the full memory linked to Sagira’s shell.

How To Get The Communion Mission?

The Communion Mission (labeled as campaign) is obtained after you speak with Ikora at the Enclave after completing The Ghosts mission.

Completing The Communion is the 3rd step of The Witch Queen quest.

The Communion Mission Objectives

1) Reach The Pyramid

You will be starting in Europa near the Pyramid and will have to fight your way through Cabal enemies who are stationed in the area.

Continue fighting your way past the Cabal and you will find yourself at one of their outposts, which you will need to clear out.

2) Enter The Pyramid

Continue clearing out the Cabal enemies but be careful as this will be a no respawn zone and death will mean that you need to redo this part.

While fighting the Cabal enemies, there will be a Goliath Tank that appears, be sure to take cover and destroy it along with the other Cabal forces.

As you proceed there will be yet another Goliath tank and even more Cabal enemies which you need to defeat before entering the Pyramid.

After clearing the enemies a loot cache will appear as well as the entrance to the pyramid which you can now access.

3) Find The Darkness Statue

You will be brought up to the pyramid and the doorway will be sealed, although it appears that the pyramid reacts to your presence and a door to the right should open up.

Continue making your way through the pyramid, following the waypoint as more paths open up to let you through.

Keep a lookout for more passages that allow you to progress and watch out for Cabal enemies that are inside the pyramid.

You will eventually come across rooms that require you to jam Cabal devices and clear them at, which seems to be why the pyramid is letting you through.

Keep traversing the pyramid until you reach an outer area that requires you to perform jump maneuvers to get inside another room which you will have to clear.

Soon you will reach a room where an Imperial Deserter miniboss will appear which you will have to defeat by killing enemies to make it vulnerable.

After defeating the Imperial Deserter a loot chest will be nearby, you will need to follow the waypoint once again and traverse the pyramid in search of the Statue of Darkness.

Fight your way until you reach an energy lift that will take you to the room containing the Statue of Darkness but be prepared for a fight.

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4) Disable Cabal Devices

There will be Cabal devices spread across the room and you will need to destroy these to prevent the statue from being destroyed.

After you have disabled all 3 of the devices, a boss named Valus Dralgur, The Exiled will appear and you will have to fight it.

5) Secure the Darkness Statue

You will need to defeat Valus Dralgur, The Exiled before you can commune with the statues and this can easily be done if you take cover.

You will be able to damage him at first but once you depleted the health bar, he will become invulnerable which requires you to disable the Cabal devices again.

Repeat the steps of deactivating the Caval devices and continue to deal damage to him until he has no health left.

6) Commune with Darkness

After defeating Valus Dralgur, a waypoint will mark a small platform that you need to jump onto to commune with Darkness.

You will be able to interact with the statue and after dialogue between Ghost and Eris Morn, the mission will end.

The Communion Mission Rewards

During the mission, there will be multiple loot crates that you can obtain and you will also gain Glimmer and XP once complete. 


  • Using a jump maneuver that you are comfortable with is important with this mission as there will be several gaps you need to cross.
  • Bringing a weapon that has good range can be very effective during this mission since there is a lot of space and enemies are easy targets from afar.
  • When fighting Valus Dralgur, you can run around following a direction as you fire at enemies and disable the Cabal devices to easily beat the boss and stay safe.


Ghost reports to Eris since nothing seems to have happened and maybe it might only take effect on Savathun’s throne world.

Ikora will need to speak with you once again so you can find out what the next step will be since you have made this mysterious ability stronger.

After communing with the Darkness there are changes and these must be controlled by the Guardian to continue their rise against Savathun.

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