Destiny 2 The Mirror Mission

Destiny 2 The Mirror Mission

  • Mission Type: The Witch Queen Campaign
  • Mission Location: Savathun’s Throne World

Ikora feels confident since the Pyramid responded to your presence and believes the memory from Sagira’s shell can now be fully revealed.

The Hidden have found allocation inside the Throne World which has a similar concentration which may be enough to restore the memory.

You are tasked with bringing Sagira’s to the location and use the psychic concentration there to make Savathun’s memory fully manifest.

How To Get The Mirror Mission?

You may begin The Mirror mission once you have completed The Communion mission and have spoken to Ikora Rey at the Enclave.

Completing The Mirror mission is the 5th step of The Witch Queen quest and this must be done before you can progress.

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The Mirror Mission Objectives

1) Locate the Psychic Concentration

You will find yourself starting in Quagmire after starting the mission and will have to make your way to Miasma (marked by waypoint) which you can reach by vehicle or foot.

Enemies will be outside of a large gate and a noticeable orange glowing crystal will be floating above them, which needs to be destroyed to unlock the gate.

Clear out the enemies and make sure to kill the Shimmering Chieftan and the orange object (which Ghost claims to be the interference) can be destroyed.

Another interference will be nearby next to a blocked path with an orange barrier, requiring you to destroy the interference to remove the barrier.

You will then need into the large underground cave and continue following the waypoint as you fight through Scorn enemies.

2) Reveal the Path

You will reach a round room that has a barrier that has a strange piece floating above it, and you need to destroy the interference connected to it.

The interference is actually underneath the large circular ground and you will need to interact with the psychic concentration to reveal a path to the left.

Interact with the psychic concentration and a hidden path will appear in the rocky wall to the left, allowing you to proceed to a path that leads to a large cavern.

You will need to maneuver your way through the area, using psychic concentrations to reveal more of the passages.

This will allow you to push further into the tunnels which allow you to find the interferences needed to unlock the one from earlier.

3) Destroy the Interference (2 Spikes)

As you make your way through the tunnels, there will be a psychic concentration you need to activate to point you in the direction of the interferences.

Once you interact with the concentration, a statue will change and point to the right and you will need to head in the opposite direction because the path is blocked.

You will need to find two interference spikes to unlock the passage that the statue is pointing to, which can be done by following the waypoint and fighting enemies.

4) Destroy the Interference (3 Spikes)

Once you finish the previous objective, you will find yourself in a large room and this time there are 3 spikes that you need to destroy.

You can find the spikes by heading to the psychic concentration in the middle and activating it to see tracks and open up hidden spots to where they are located.

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5) Destroy the Interference (1 Spike)

Now that you have finished destroying the previous spikes, head to the waypoint which leads you to the circular room again but there will be no barrier this time.

Destroy the spike in the ground and the barrier in front of you will disappear, allowing you to pass through into the next room.

6) Destroy the Interference Again (1 Spike)

You will need to destroy another spike in the large room which starts a boss fight where you have to defeat a boss called Skirvaa, Abhorred Chieftain.

7) Locate the Psychic Concentration

You will need to fight off Skirvaa and afterward head to the psychic concentration, which appears after you defeat it.

Skirvaa will be easy to defeat as you have a lot of space and plenty of cover, plus you can continuously damage its health without needing to do anything special.

8) Align the Rune

Once you have defeated Skirvaa, head over to the psychic concentration and interact with it, which will reveal The Witch Queen glyphs.

You will have to get a better view, so jump on the platform above you to see the glyph fully, and afterward, you will need to head into a portal up ahead.

You will find yourself in the Altar of Reflection and will need to continue into another portal which will bring you to the memory altar.

Interact with the pool to show the memory, which will conclude the mission once it is finished, revealing Savathun’s memories.

The Mirror Mission Rewards

During the mission, there will be multiple loot crates that you can obtain and you will also gain Glimmer and XP once complete. 


  • Be sure to check before you jump when you are maneuvering through the caves, jumps can be quite tricky.
  • Locating the interference spikes can be annoying at first, be sure to activate psychic concentrations to reveal hidden spots.
  • You can continuously fire at Skirvaa which can make the boss fight easy since you don’t have to wait for it to become vulnerable.


Savathun’s memory reveals her speaking of a being of a thousand names whispering only one which she needs to remember, “The Witness”.

It is later revealed how she came up with her plot to use Osiris and get close to his friends to steal the Light.

Everything seems to be coming together and much is being learned on how Savathun was able to push through with her schemes.

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