Destiny 2 The Ritual Mission

Destiny 2 The Ritual Mission

  • Mission Type: The Witch Queen
  • Mission Location: Savathun’s Throne World

The time has come to stop Savathun’s Ritual with the last piece of hope you have left, a memory that hopefully if not changed her mind distracts her.

You will need to make your way to the ritual and disrupt it to prevent the Traveler from being sealed away and endangering the Vanguard’s existence.

Once you have infiltrated the area and disrupted the ritual, you will need to activate the last memory using the Worm Familiar in hopes that it gives you an opening.

How To Get The Ritual Mission?

The Ritual (Quest Step 18) is a mission that can be obtained after you complete Quest Step 17 in The Witch Queen campaign.

The Ritual Mission Objectives

1) Storm The Fortress

You will find yourself starting near the fortress and will have to make your way there hastily as the Traveler is already there.

As you make your way towards the inside, you will find the Scorn and Hive fighting for dominance in the area.

2) Stop Savathun’s Ritual

Make your way towards the gate and fight your way through any enemies, bringing you to a portal at the very end.

Clear out the remaining enemies in the area and afterward, Ikora will appear to help you get rid of an ogre and open up a path for you.

Make your way through the open area but don’t go straight as it is blocked. Instead, go to the sides and continue making your way past a bridge, fighting through enemies.

You will need to clear out enemies, including a Lightbearer Acolyte to open up the path to the next area, which brings you to a puzzle-like area.

Go down and there will be two shielded crystals guarded by an invulnerable Lightbearer Wizard, that requires you to head to one of each room to disable the crystals.

You will need to defeat the Revenant Wizards to unlock the portals and will need to go inside to find more crystals to unlock.

Keep in mind that the two first portals on the ground floor have glyphs above them, symbolizing the portals you need to enter above to remove the crystal shields.

You will need to clear out enemies and destroy the floating crystals to open up the different portals scattered around the area.

Once you have opened up the portals, search for the ones in which glyphs appeared on the first two portals as those will be the only necessary ones you need to enter.

Each of the correct portals will allow you to enter a room where you can obtain a Void Charge, which you must take to the bottom to disable the shields of the crystals.

Once you have disabled both shields, you can start fighting the Lightbearer Wizard (you may have to defeat it twice before destroying its ghost) to open up a portal.

A loot chest will be on the other side of the portal and you will then need to continue making your way to where the ritual is taking place.

3) Reach Savathun’s Ritual

The waypoint will lead you to a lift that you will have to jump onto and afterward you will need to follow the waypoint again to help you jump and crawl your way out.

You will eventually find yourself in an open area with a beam marked by the waypoint, head to the edge and jump to the beam and you will be lifted to the very top.

4) Confront Savathun

Savathun will be in an open area and you will need to approach her, shortly after beginning the fight where you can easily damage her health.

Once her health is low, enemies will spawn and you will have to clear them out, including a Lightbearer Acolyte, Knight, and Wizard.

She will reappear after all three have been killed and you will be able to finish her off, only for you to get caught and become held by the Threadbound debuff.

Once the debuff is gone a bridge will appear along with another loot chest for you to take as your reward, you will need to cross it after.

5) Defeat Savathun’s Illusions

After crossing the bridge, Savathun will appear and you will need to survive as you can barely deal any damage.

You will need to fight off her illusions, which will drop an essence that gives you the Glassbreaker buff that you will need to bring to the center marked by a blue beam.

Once all of the illusions have been defeated and you have collected and delivered the Glassbreaker essences to the beam, a portal will open up.

Enter the portal and you will be brought to where the Traveler is being held by a Savathun’s spell.

You will need to enter each of the open portals in the area to defeat the Threadweavers to release their hold on the Traveler.

Once all the Threadweavers have been defeated, head towards the middle and interact with the Altar of Reflection to show Savathun the memory within the Worm Familiar.

Savathun will be shocked and get more aggressive, sending you back to the previous area to begin attacking you herself.

You will be able to damage her for a bit until the first small portion of her health is depleted but afterward will be teleported back into the altar room.

Once again you will need to defeat the Threadweavers but this time you need to use Deepsight to interact with illusions to reach them in each portal. (hive enemies spawn in too)

Each time you defeat a Threadweaver, an illusion of Savathun will appear which adds up to three in total. (you must defeat all of them together or one by one)

After clearing all the enemies and Savathun’s illusions, head to the altar again and interact with it to continue the memory.

As the memory shows again, Savathun will send you back once again to fight you but this time with Threadweavers in the area.

To weaken her, you will need to defeat the Threadweavers (there will be three) before damaging her.

This will repeat until you can finally deplete all of her health, allowing you to finally defeat her this time when her life runs out.

After defeating Savathun, a cutscene will play and that will be the end of the mission.

The Ritual Mission Rewards

Completing The Ritual will unlock the last step in The Witch Queen campaign, which rewards you later on with the “Of Queens and Worms” exotic quest.


  • While storming the fortress, you can ignore most of the enemies until you reach the portal to clear out those fighting in the area.
  • You can summon your vehicle to get through most parts of the fortress early on to save time and get past enemies.
  • If you get bugged and die while being lifted, you may get stuck when respawning and will need to leave the mission and start it again. (continues where you left off)
  • When getting rid of the Threadweavers for the second time, it is best to defeat the illusions after each one to avoid fighting several at a time later.
  • Use cover when fighting Savathun or else you may take damage from the many abilities that she possesses.
  • It is best to hunt down the Threadweavers during the final phase before attacking Savathun to deal large amounts of damage to her.


After unleashing the memory, Savathun was distraught in a way that may have made it easier to defeat her.

Although defeated, her ghost has escaped and she has told you that something worse is about to come, which means things are not yet done.

With Savathun out of the picture, the Traveler has come back to The Last City and the Vanguard may now focus on bigger problems.

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