Destiny 2 The Investigation Mission

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Destiny 2 The Investigation Mission

  • Mission Type: The Witch Queen Campaign
  • Mission Location: Mars

The Guardian finds themselves in Queen’s Bailey on Savathun’s Throne world, where they need to investigate while fighting through Savathun’s minions.

Ghost notices that everything on the throne world is imbued with light, showing Savathun’s desire to control it.

While she seems vulnerable in her throne world, you will need to investigate and figure out how she was able to steal the Light.

The Investigation Mission Objectives

1) Investigate Savathun’s Throne World

At the beginning of the mission, you will start in Queen’s Bailey on Savathun’s Throne World and will need to investigate.

A large path will be blocked and you will need to head to the waypoint marking the location of enemies that you will have to clear out.

A Lightbearing Knight will appear and you will need to defeat it (destroy its Light with finisher) before you will be able to progress.

2) Follow The Signal

Another ghost named Fynch will contact you as you are fighting off enemies, your Ghost will trace the signal for you to follow it.

The path will be blocked but Ghost will detect psychic energy which you will need to interact with, causing a path to appear that you can jump up to.

Follow the path and make your way through the tunnels which will get you past the impassable barrier, but take care as there will be enemies ahead in the dark tunnels.

You will need to leap across a few gaps to activate another psychic energy and follow another set of steps that appeared.

The same will happen again where you will need to go to the right sight of some bars to activate yet another psychic energy and follow the path to exit the tunnels.

After exiting the tunnels make your way to the waypoint and clear enemies so that you can meet with Fynch who has been contacting you.

3) Rendezvous with the Contact

Your path will be blocked by a large gate and you will need to unlock it by capturing a nearby spot, which will slowly unlock the gate when it is 100% captured.

As you attempt to capture the spot, Fynch exclaims that you triggered the alarm, causing enemies to rush towards your location.

Stay in the marked location until capture reaches 100% and as Fynch says, once it is open, make a run for it through the gate.

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4) Escape the Fortress

After completing the capture, run past the gate and continue making your way out of the fortress until you reach the outer area.

On your way out you will encounter a battle between the Scorn and Hive which you will also join to defeat Barrier Guards to open up the exit.

5) Rendezvous with the Contact (Defeat Barrier Guards)

Continue clearing out enemies and take out the Barrier Guards (A total of 3) that will be scattered around the area so that you can proceed.

It will be a bit easy to take out the Barrier Guards as they will be in conflict with the Scorn enemies in the area, allowing you to take advantage of the situation.

5) Defeat the Lucent Hive

A Lightbearer Wizard will appear and you will have to defeat it along with 2 other combatants (3 in total) before you can get past the barrier.

Afterward, a loot chest will appear and you will be able to exit the fortress, making your way towards the waypoint leading to Fynch’s location.

6) Rendezvous with the Contact

Make your way to the waypoint and you will stumble upon a fallen Lightbearer and Fynch, who appears as one of the Hive Ghosts will be waiting.

The Investigation Mission Rewards

Aside from experience, you will have obtained some gear from the loot chest that appeared after you defeated the 3 combatants.

One of the rewards may be one of the new Legendary weapons from The Witch Queen update, the Syncopation-53.


  • Try to make use of the elevated parts of areas to avoid enemies and to get a better view of targets in the area.
  • Make sure to do a final attack on a Lightbearer’s ghost to destroy it, preventing them from respawning.


What happened to be a search for a clue to Savathun being able to steal the Light has led you to meet a strange ally.

Fynch appears to be the ghost of a fallen Hive combatant who is damaged and shows a different attitude from his fellow ghosts.

It seems Fynch may play an important role and could help out with the situation as you continue to figure out Savathun’s secrets.

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