How to Make Sweet Vegetable Cake in ARK

Ark may have some of the strangest dishes but this may be one of the rarer kinds of food that you can obtain in the game, mainly by cooking it.

While this is a delicious treat loved by all herbivores, it has more benefits than suiting their hunger as well as yours when needed.

Sweet Vegetable Cakes are rare due to the fact that the ingredients needed to make them can sometimes be a bit tedious to get.

Sweet Vegetable Cake Effects

When eaten by a player, the Sweet Vegetable Cake will recover 20 food as well as help them regenerate 10 health over time. Dinos who eat this, however, will be able to recover 500 to 2100 health but this is only for herbivores and some omnivores.

Aside from healing the creatures that eat these, they also sate a bit of their hunger but there is a 30-second cooldown before it can be used again.

Sweet Vegetable Cake Uses

Aside from being a fast way to heal dinos in Ark and sate their hunger, Sweet Vegetable Cake has other uses in the game.

This is the taming food used when you want to tame an Ovis or an Achatina, which will tame them quickly and is pretty much the only food they accept during the process.

How to Make Sweet Vegetable Cake (Recipe)

ARk Sweet Vegetable Cake

The Sweet Vegetable Cake can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook. Below are the ingredients required for making Sweet Vegetable Cake:

While some of these resources are tedious to obtain, the usage of Sweet Vegetable cake becomes quite handy later on in the game.

The Sweet Vegetable Cake ID for spawning is: cheat gfi SweetVeggieCake 1 0 0

Sweet Vegetable Cake Description

“A sappy vegetable cake which Herbivores find delicious, which will be automatically eaten when needed for healing. Alas, humans and carnivores tend to find its taste repugnant..”


While the Sweet Vegetable Cake may appear to be something good for your character, it is best you keep these for your dinos or when you want to tame.

A good stock of these can help you out when you are raiding or exploring as it can quickly regenerate the health of your herbivore and omnivore creatures.

The process that is needed to prepare for making Sweet Vegetable Cake may take some time but it is all worth it in the end.

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