How to Make Mindwipe Tonic in ARK

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the stats they pump into their characters as well as the Engrams that they learn when leveling up.

Although, not everyone is satisfied sometimes and your build may need to be adjusted depending on the server, your situation, and what your roles are.

With the help of Mindwipe Tonic, you can reset the stats as well as the Engrams you have learned, allowing you to start over but keep your levels.

Mindwipe Tonic Effects

Once consumed, the Mindwipe Tonic allows you to reset your character back to level 1 but you will still have all the experience that you previously gained.

This will reset the stats on your character as well as the Engrams you have learned, allowing you to redistribute the stats as well as learn Engrams again.

Using a Mindwipe Tonic is a great way for you to change your character’s build, allowing you to build stats to your preferred liking.

After consuming a Mindwipe Tonic, the only way to get your stats back will be to distribute them again as well as your Engrams, so take note that you will need to put points again.

How to Make Mindwipe Tonic (Recipe)

ARK Mindwipe Tonic

The Mindwipe Tonic can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook. Below are the ingredients required for making Mindwipe Tonic:

Any of the abovementioned cooked meat can be used when making a Mindwipe Tonic and the effects will always be the same regardless of which one you use.

The Mindwipe Tonic ID for spawning is: cheat giveitemnum 409 1 0 0

Mindwipe Tonic Description

“Drink this tonic to forget everything you have learned (resets your Engram Points). Usable once every 24 hours.”

Mindwipe Cooldown

Mindwipe Tonic has seen a lot of different changes to balance the gameplay of Ark and now it has been changed to only be used every 24 hours.

This means that after you reset your character, you will have to wait for a whole day to pass before you can use one again.

On unofficial servers, the settings may be altered to allow Mindwipe Tonics to be used without any cooldown.

The command to remove the cooldown on Mindwipe Tonics is bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=true and this can be found in the Game.ini within your Ark Survival Evolved folder.

Mindwipe Tonic Not Cooking

Some players have had trouble cooking their Mindwipe Tonics which can be caused by a few minor issues during the process.

To cook Mindwipe Tonic, you should be sure to check that there is enough water provided in whatever cooking station you are using.

Be sure to also double-check if the resources you have placed have not been used accidentally by removing other ingredients.

Can You Use Mindwipe on Dinos?

While some players wish they could reset the stats on their creatures, the Mindwipe Tonic sadly cannot do this for them.

Mindwipe tonic is only consumable by humans and it will be shaded out if placed in a dino’s inventory, preventing it from being force-fed.


Everyone has a different way of playing the game but sometimes when it comes to your build, a few adjustments are needed to efficiently do things.

There is no need to panic though, you will always have a chance to reset your character’s stats and Engrams as long as you have everything to make Mindwipe Tonics.

Players tend to use these often when they are near or have reached the max levels, allowing them to finalize their build or to change them depending on certain situations.

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