How to Get Gold Ore in Stardew Valley

Gold Ore Stardew Valley

 “A precious ore that can be smelted into bars.”

Gold Ore is a rare resource that you can find once you have already passed the earlier levels in the mines and is required later for making Gold Bars.

Getting your hands on Gold Ore doesn’t happen immediately in the game though as you will first have to work your way to get better tools to farm it efficiently.

Even, if this is a rarer resource than most, there are still plenty of ways for you to obtain it, but you should prepare first before rushing to obtain it.

Where to Get Gold Ore?

When you first start, your main option to get Gold Ore will be to the Mines but they will only be obtainable once you reach level 80 and up.

Gold Nodes can be found in the Mines as well as other mining areas such as in the Skull Cavern, Quarry, and other locations where nodes can spawn.

How To Get Gold Ore?

To get Gold Ore, you will need to mine Gold Nodes, which is done using a Pickaxe but the type you use will determine how efficiently you can mine.

Using a better Pickaxe is the best way to break Gold Nodes easily as it reduces the number of hits required and will help save energy.

Let’s see below the process of getting Gold Ore in detail:

1) Mining Gold Nodes in the Mines

Gold Nodes Mining in Stardew Valley

Once you reach level 80 and continue to go deeper into the Mines, you will start to encounter Gold Nodes, which can be distinguished easily.

Gold Nodes appear to have a normal rock for their form, but it is covered in yellow spots, which resemble the Gold Ore that can be found within them.

The amount of Gold Ore that you obtain is not determined by the appearance of the Node and you will get a random amount most of the time.

2) Defeating Ghosts

Defeating Ghosts, so that they can drop Gold Ore

Aside from mining for Gold Ore, there are some enemies such as the Ghost, which have a chance to drop Gold Ore when defeated.

Ghosts will appear on levels 51 up to 79 and whenever you defeat one, it will have a 20% chance to drop around 1 to 3 Gold Ore.

It would be a good idea to consider defeating these monsters as they drop other items as well, Gold Ore being one of them as an alternate source.

Other Ways To Get Gold Ore

  • Mining Gold Nodes in Skull Cavern (Levels 60 and above)
  • Breaking barrels and boxes in the Mines
  • Digging up Artifact Spots at the Beachfront
  • Opening Frozen Geodes
  • Opening Magma Geodes
  • Opening Omni Geodes
  • Purchase from Traveling Cart
  • Purchase from Clint the Blacksmith
  • Collecting from Lava Eel Fish Pond
  • Panning at any water source

Gold Ore Uses

Gold Ore is mainly used for smelting, which allows you to turn 5 Gold Ore into 1 Gold Bar but you will also need 1 Coal as it is needed for the Furnace.

You may also use Gold Ore as an ingredient for making Yellow Dye but this is not advisable because of its rarity and there are other cheaper items you can use.

When it comes to the crafting options for Gold Ore, you can only make a Mega Bomb, which is an upgraded version of the normal Bomb.


When you are on the lookout for Gold Nodes in the Mines and other dangerous areas, be sure to keep a lookout for monsters that may attack you.

It is best to upgrade your Pickaxe as much as possible if you plan to go mining as this speeds up the Gold Ore farming process.

Once you have a lot of Gold Ore, you can start making a lot of Gold Bars, which are needed later in the game when you need to craft better items.

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