How to Get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley

Refined Quartz Stardew Valley

 “A pure form of quartz.”

Refined Quartz is a smelted piece of mineral that is made from Quartz or Fire Quartz and is used as a resource in Stardew Valley.

It is a key resource to craft some of the items in the game, which can help improve your farm as you progress further.

While Refined Quartz may appear to be a resource that is challenging to get, it is quite easy to produce a lot of it.

Where to Get Refined Quartz?

Refined Quartz is a product of smelting, which can be done on your farm but there are also other ways for you to get this resource.

Certain locations such as the Mines and Skull Cavern are home to some of the monsters that can be defeated, who may drop a whole piece of Refined Quartz.

How to Get Refined Quartz?

You can make Refined Quartz once you have gotten your first piece of Quartz and this requires that you have a Furnace ready to use.

To turn Quartz or Fire Quartz into Refined Quartz you will need 1 piece along with 1 Coal to be placed in your Furnace.

It takes 1.5 in-game hours for Quartz or Fire Quartz to be turned into Refined Quartz.

Let’s see the process of getting Refined Quartz in detail:

1) Smelting Quartz to Make Refined Quartz

Smelting Quartz in Stardew Valley

If you have already delved into the Mines, you may have already gotten your hands on a few Quartz by now and can begin making Refined Quartz

To do this, you will have to have at least 1 Quartz or Fire Quartz and select the item before interacting with the Furnace.

Additionally, 1 Coal will be needed in your inventory every time you will smelt the resources into Refined Quartz.

2) Defeating Monsters

Killing Monsters to drop some Refined Quartz

Few monsters can be encountered and fought to obtain Refined Quartz, these are a bit difficult to beat but worth the effort due to the other loot you can obtain.

These are the Ghosts that you can find on levels 51 to 79 when you are exploring the mines or the Carbon Ghosts that are lurking about in Skull Cavern.

Defeating these monsters will have a 10% chance to drop Refined Quartz and it would be a good idea to keep an eye out for them when you can.

Other Ways to Get Refined Quartz

  • Recycling Broken CDs or Broken Glasses that you find
  • Collecting them from Ghostfish Fish Pond
  • Looking in Garbage Cans (Furnace blueprint must have been learned)

Refined Quartz Uses

Refined Quartz is used for making the Slime Hutch, a building that you can have built by Robin once you have all the necessary materials.

Aside from being used for building, Refined Quartz can also be used for crafting the following items:

  • Crystal Floor
  • Crystal Path
  • Farm Computer
  • Garden Pot
  • Lightning Rod
  • Quality Sprinkler
  • Solar Panel

Refined Quartz ID

Those who seek to get a boost when starting in the game can use the Refined Quartz Code, which is [338] to get them earlier in the game.


Refined Quartz is a big deal in your late-game situations because it can be used to craft items that you need later on.

The Slime Hutch is one of the late-game buildings that you need to take care of Slimes and will allow you to house them to get Slime Balls.

Unlike other resources that are mined, you only need 1 type of Quartz to make a Refined Quartz, which makes things easy.

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