Stardew Valley Iridium Ore (Farming, Cheat, Mine Levels & Uses)

Iridium Ore Stardew valley

 “An exotic ore with many curious properties. Can be smelted into bars.”

Iridium Ore is one of the rarest resources in the game and to get to it, you will need to have progressed a bit further into the game.

This resource is one of the hardest ores to come by but the challenges that lie ahead to reach it make it all worth your while.

Once you have obtained this endgame resource, you will have the means to upgrade your weapons to Iridium Tier and will be able to craft new items.

Where to Get Iridium Ore?

Iridium Nodes that provide Iridium Ore can be found in the Quarry as well as Mystic Stone which also has a chance to give you them.

You may also find Iridium Ore as you head deeper into Skull Cavern, but this means that the dangers will also increase, so tread lightly.

How to Get Iridium Ore?

Iridium Ore can be obtained by destroying Iridium Nodes, which can be found in some of the harder places in the game.

If you are in the mines and happen to obtain Magma or Omni Geodes, these can later be brought back to crack open and may provide you with Iridium Ore.

The Geologist Profession (Mining Level 5) and Excavator Profession (Mining Level 10) can further increase the chance to get Iridium Ore when cracking open geodes.

If a Meteorite lands on your farm, you may destroy it to obtain Iridium Ore, but this happens rarely.

Lets the process of farming Iridium Ore in detail:

1) Mining Iridium Nodes

Mining Iridium Nodes to farm Iridium

Once you reach some of the more difficult locations that have mining areas, you will eventually stumble upon Iridium Nodes which you can break on your Iridium farming sessions.

These are usually found in the Quarry or the Skull Cavern and can be mined to give you Iridium ore, but you should have an upgraded pickaxe to mine them.

Since these are found in the harder parts of the game, you may need to watch your back for the monsters that lurk around as they can be quite deadly.

2) Breaking Magma and Omni Geodes

Extracting Iridium Ore by breaking Magma and Omni Geodes

Cracking open Magma Geodes or Omni Geodes is a good early way to get Iridium Ore and these can be found in the Mines. (Magma Geodes can be found on levels 81 to 119)

While they do not guarantee that every time one is opened an Iridium Ore will be obtained, there is still a good chance now and then.

A good way to do this would be to set aside the geodes for later and crack them in bulk to see if you get any once they are all opened.

3) Defeating Monsters

Killing monster to drop Iridium Ore

Iridium Ore can be obtained by chance whenever you defeat a higher-level monster such as Purple Slimes or Iridium Bats.

This will be quite a challenge as these enemies can deal a lot of damage, which may cause you to pass out and wake up back at home.

Some of the best enemies to fight are the following:

  • Iridium Bat (97% Chance)
  • Iridium Crab (50% Chance)
  • Iridium Slime (8% Chance)

 Other Ways to Get Iridium Ore

  • Purchase from Traveling Cart
  • Collect from the Statue of Perfection (Iridium Ore Statue)
  • Rarely obtained by fishing
  • Collecting it from a Super Cucumber Fish Pond
  • Rarely obtained by panning at certain water sources
  • Collect from Slime Hutch

Iridium Ore Uses

Iridium Ore is used for smelting into Iridium Bars, which are later used in upgrading your tools to the Iridium Tier.

They can also be used to craft a Deluxe Scarecrow, but this requires you also to have collected all 8 of the Rarecrows in the game, which are obtained in various ways.

Another use for Iridium Ore is making a Desert Warp Totem, which is used to quickly teleport to the Calico Desert.

Iridium Ore Cheat Code

Players who prefer to skip most of the hassle can Iridium Ore early game and can use the Iridium Ore code [386] when using the spawning method.

Aside from resorting to this method, players may opt to farming the higher-level monsters or to progress as fast as possible to get Iridium Ore from Skull Cavern.

Iridium Ore Sell Price

Iridium Ore can be sold but we suggest keeping it for later so you can make Iridium Bars as these are needed in the endgame.

If you decide to sell your extra Iridium Ore, they will get you 100 Gold per ore that you sell via the Shipping Bin.


Once you have reached the late-game parts of Stardew Valley, you will need to make sure you gear up before seeking out Iridium Ore.

A lot of items needed for the endgame can be crafted once you have enough Iridium Ore to make Iridium Bars, which makes it important to have your tools upgraded first.

Since Iridium Nodes are not as accessible in the early parts of the game, you will need to progress somewhat further to unlock the location where they can be found.


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