How to Get Iron Ore in Stardew Valley

Iron Ore Stardew Valley

 “A fairly common ore that can be smelted into bars.”

Iron Ore is one of the different types of ore that you can obtain in Stardew Valley, which is mainly done through mining but can be obtained by other methods.

It is mainly used in the game for smelting but also serves as a required resource when you need to craft Bombs later in the game.

If you are planning to craft items that require Iron Bars, you will first need to get your hands on a lot of Iron Ore to have a good amount to smelt.

Where to Get Iron Ore?

There are many Iron Ore mines such as The Mines, Quarry, Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, and other locations that have Iron Nodes, Barrels, or monsters that drop them.

The Iron Ore mine level starts at 41 and ends at 79 and this would be your main go-to place when you have just started.

Let see below the process of getting Iron Ore more in detail:

1) Mining Iron Ore in Various Locations

Mining Iron Ore In Different Locations

If you are wondering what Iron Ore looks like, you can determine its nodes by the grey color of its rock covered with lighter-colored ore.

The Iron Nodes may take a few hits before being destroyed but will guarantee you Iron Ore, which may come in amounts between 1 to 3.

You will need to use a Pickaxe to destroy Iron Nodes, which means that the better your tool is, the faster you can break the node.

The following are Iron Ore :

  • The Mines (On Floors 41 to 79)
  • Skull Cavern
  • Quarry
  • Quarry Mine
  • Hill-top and Four-Corners Farm Locations

2) Defeating Monsters

Defeating Dust Sprites to get Coal in Stardew Valley

Certain enemies in the game have a chance to drop Iron Ore when they are defeated but sometimes they can be quite tough to beat.

Iron Ore can be obtained by defeating Dust Sprites, Iron Slimes, Metal Heads, and Stone Golems in their respective locations.

While defeating these monsters will not guarantee that Iron Ore will be dropped, there is a good chance for you to obtain it now and then.

Other Ways To Get Iron Ore

  • Breaking barrels and crates in The Mines
  • Tilling the soil when you are in The Mines
  • Purchase from Blacksmith
  • Opening Geodes
  • Using the Pan tool at certain water sources
  • Purchase from Traveling Cart
  • Searching inside Garbage Cans
  • Recycled from certain items
  • Collecting from Ice Pip Fish Ponds

Iron Ore Uses

The main use of Iron Ore is to smelt them into Iron Bars, which can later be used to craft several items that you will need as your progress in the game.

To craft Iron Bars, you will need 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal to start smelting 1 Iron Bar in a Furnace, which will take 2 in-game hours.

Aside from being used to make Iron Bars, Iron Ore is one of the required resources needed to craft Bombs, which can later be used to blow up objects.

Iron Ore Sell Price

While it is not advised due to the low amount of profit, the Iron Ore sell price is only 10 Gold, and it can be sold by placing them in the Shipping Bin or selling them to Clint, the Blacksmith.

It would be best to make Iron Bars if you want to get more from selling them or craft certain items that can later be sold in the Shipping Bin.

Iron Ore Best Level

Since the amount of Iron Nodes is random on each Iron Ore floor, there is no best Iron Ore level as long as you just search between the specified floors that it spawns on.


If you want access to Iron Ore early in the game, you can always choose the Hill-top Farm location to get a head start with the resource.

Having Iron Ore early in the game will make it easy for you to upgrade your tools from Copper to Iron for progressing faster later.

The best way to mine Iron Ore would be to use a Copper Pickaxe as this allows you to mine faster, saving you time and energy during Iron Ore farming sessions.

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