How to Get Gold Bar in Stardew Valley

Gold Bar Stardew Valley

 “A bar of pure Gold.”

Gold Bar is one of the resources in Stardew Valley that players can make through the process of smelting, which requires Gold Ore.

This resource is used in the crafting of several different types of items in the game and is later needed in large amounts.

If you have a good number of Gold Bars on hand, you can, later on, begin to upgrade your tools to make them more efficient.

Where to Get Gold Bar?

Gold Bar is mainly made by smelting but this doesn’t mean that there are other ways for you to get them because they also can be dropped sometimes.

You can obtain Gold Bars as loot from monsters at different locations or receive them as gifts or rewards as you go throughout the game.

Let’s see below the process getting Gold Bar in detail:

1) Smelting Gold Ore into Gold Bars

Smelting Gold Ore in Stardew valley

Once you have gotten some Gold Ore, you will be able to smelt the into Gold Bars at your farm by using a Furnace.

Each Furnace can produce 1 Gold Bar at a time, which makes it a good idea to set up multiple Furnaces for mass production. (Gold Bar time for smelting requires 5 in-game hours)

The Gold Bar Recipe Requires 5 Gold Ore and 1 Coal for each Gold Bar that you make or 2 Iron Bar if you are going to transmute.

2) Defeating Monsters

Defeating Monsters to drop Gold Bar

There are certain monsters in the game that you can defeat, that may drop Gold Bar by chance, and this depends on which monster you hunt.

While this is not the best way to get Gold Bar, you may still want to keep an eye out for them as they also have some other loot you may want to get.

The following monsters drop Gold Bar:

  • Dust Sprite (0.1% Chance)
  • Shadow Brute (1% Chance
  • Shadow Shaman (1% Chance)
  • Squid Kid (5% Chance)

Other Ways to Get Gold Bar

  • Transmuting Iron Bars into Gold Bars
  • Sometimes found in the garbage can (Near Blacksmith)
  • Completing Enchanter’s Bundle (Bulletin Board)
  • Gift from Clint (Blacksmith)
  • Digging in the mines (levels 41 to 80)

What To Do With Gold Bars?

Gold Bar can be used to upgrade your tools to Gold tier, allowing them to be used more efficiently to destroy objects and save you from spending too much energy.

You can also use Gold Bars to make a Gold Breastplate, which is done by placing a Gold Bar and Cloth into the Sewing Machine.

Aside from these uses, Gold Bar is needed for crafting the following items:

  • Quality Sprinkler
  • Iridium Sprinkler
  • Oil Maker
  • Ring of Yoba
  • Worm Bin
  • Crystalarium
  • Seed Maker
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Barbed Hook
  • Gold Brazier
  • Thorns Ring
  • Solar Panel
  • Geode Crusher
  • Mini-Obelisk

Gold Bar Sell Price

If you have a lot of spare Gold Bars, you can always sell them to Clint or via the Shipping Bin to get extra Gold.

The Gold Bar price is usually 250 Gold but with the Blacksmith Profession, you can gain more profit and sell them for 375 Gold.

Gold Bar ID

If you need a boost when playing Stardew Valley, the Spawn Items command or Gold Bar code in Stardew Valley is [336].


Gold Bars may not be the easiest resource to make or obtain at the start of the game but eventually, they will be abundant.

This requires you to focus on progressing first to make it easier for you to farm Gold Ore, which later becomes useful in the long run.

One of the main uses for Gold Bar is crafting items such as the Iridium Sprinkler, which will make maintaining your crops easier.


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