How to Make Iron Bars in Stardew Valley

Iron Bar Stardew Valley

 “A bar of pure Iron.”

Iron Bar is one of the rarer resources that comes after Copper Bar and is a resource that you need to upgrade to Steel Tier.

If you have been delving deep enough into the mines and have already stumbled upon a ton of Iron Ore, now will be the time to get ready to smelt it.

This resource is high in demand during certain parts of the game due to its need when it comes to crafting some of the items you will be needing, including equipment.

Where to Get Iron Bar?

Iron Bars are mainly a resource that can be made by smelting, which you will have to do once you bring Iron Ore back to your farm.

Aside from smelting, you can also get Iron Bars from defeating certain enemies that you encounter in the game but only specific ones will drop it.

How to Make Iron Bar?

By smelting Iron Ore, you can make Iron Bars and this is done using a Furnace, which needs to be powered by Coal.

To do this, you will need to have at least 5 Iron Ores in your inventory selected as well as some extra Coal to use for the smelting process.

Once all of the resources are in your inventory, make sure Iron Ore is selected before you interact with the Furnace to start the smelting process. (Takes 2 in-game hours to finish)

Let see the process of getting Iron Bars in Stardew Valley more in detail:

1) Smelting Iron Ores to Make Iron Bars

Iron Bars extracted from smelting Iron ores in Stardew Valley

After you have gotten a lot of Iron Ore, it is now time to smelt these into Iron Bars so you can use them to craft other items.

Having multiple Furnaces is a good way to do some mass production of Iron Bars as it does take some time before they are made.

Once the Iron Bars have been made, you will need to interact with the Furnace once more to collect them before smelting more Iron Ore.

2) Defeating Monsters

Killing Monsters in Stardew Valley to get Iron Bars

Monsters that may drop a whole piece of Iron Bar are limited and the only ones that do this are the Shadow Brute or Shadow Shaman.

Both of these monsters have a 2% chance to drop an Iron Bar when defeated, making this only a small chance for you to get it. (they spawn on levels 81-119)

While this is not the best way to obtain Iron Bars, it is something you can look out for because the monsters may also drop other loot.

Other Ways to Get Iron Bar

Additional ways to obtain Iron Bars are to Transmute Copper Bars to Iron Bars, which can be done when you have the transmute recipe after reaching Mining Level 4.

You can also seldom find Iron Bars from Garbage Cans once you have already received the Furnace blueprint from the Blacksmith, Clint.

Iron Bar Uses

Iron Bars are used to upgrade your Copper Tier tools to Steel Tier tools and will cost 5 Iron Bars for each one.

They are also used to make the Stable, which allows you to later ride and store horses once you get them from Robin after having her build it.

Tool Upgrades

Iron Bars are used to upgrade your tools into Steel ones, which first requires that you have upgraded them to Copper Tools.

The following are the tools that can be upgraded to Steel with the use of Iron Bars:

  • Steel Hoe
  • Steel Pickaxe
  • Steel Axe
  • Steel Watering Can
  • Steel Trash Can

Items Crafted Using Iron Bars

Certain items in the game require Iron Bars to be crafted, the amount of Iron Bars needed varies with each item you want to craft.

The following are items that you can craft using Iron Bars:

  • Glowstone Ring
  • Warrior Ring
  • Ring of Yoba
  • Explosive Ammo
  • Bee House
  • Sprinkler
  • Iron Fence
  • Quality Sprinkler
  • Keg
  • Crab Pot
  • Recycling Machine
  • Spinner
  • Barbed Hook
  • Dressed Spinner
  • Worm Bin
  • Magnet
  • Lightning Rod
  • Warped Totem: Mountains
  • Transmute (Au)
  • Iron Lamp-post

Iron Bar Sell Price

Iron Bars may be sold if you want to make some extra gold by the end of the day and this can be done by selling them to the Blacksmith or by placing them in the Shipping Bin.

Selling Iron Bars is more profitable than selling Iron Ores and these will provide you with 120 Gold or 180 Gold with the Blacksmith Profession.

Iron Bar ID in Stardew Valley

Players can get Iron Bar early in the game if they use the Iron Bar Code, which is [335] to get a little boost for when they want to quickly craft items or upgrade their tools sooner.

Iron Bar Related-Quests

1) A Favor For Clint (Clint Iron Bar)

This quest requires that you give Clint an Iron Bar and in return, he will reward you with 500 gold and 1 Friendship heart.

2) Help Wanted (Haley Iron Bar)

A quest will be posted once in a while by Haley, who for some reason needs an Iron Bar and will reward you with 360 Gold when you deliver it.


Upgrading your tools to Steel Tier is important for progressing in the game as this will make everything more convenient.

The demand for Iron Bars is high in the game since certain items that need it will allow you to survive or improve your performance when away from the farm.

While obtaining Iron Ore can sometimes be tedious, once you have upgraded your tools to the Steel Tier, this becomes a lot easier.


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