How to Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Hardwood Stardew Valley

 “A special kind of wood with superior strength and beauty.”

Hardwood is a variant of Wood in Stardew Valley that can be obtained by chopping certain trees in the game and is used for different purposes.

If you have noticed some of the trees that cannot be chopped down due to your lower-tier tools, they are most likely the ones that provide Hardwood.

While this resource is not obtainable sooner in the early game, the chances to get it later increase after you have progressed in the game.

Where to Get Hardwood?

You may have noticed the large stumps on your farm which cannot be chopped down easily, these provide Hardwood.

There are sometimes Large Logs or Large Stumps that can be found in different areas, which you can also cut later with better tools to get Hardwood.

The Secret Woods has 6 Large Stumps that can be chopped and unlike on your farm, these will regrow every day, providing you with a daily source of Hardwood.

How to Get Hardwood?

To get Hardwood early in the game, you can visit the Secret Woods daily to chop down the 6 Large Stumps that respawn there.

The other way to get Hardwood is to plant Mahogany Seeds and wait for them to grow so you can chop them down.

You will need to have a Copper Axe or higher-tier axe to cut down these sources because lower-tier axes will not be able to do this.

There is a chance that normal trees may drop Hardwood but this is only if you have the Lumberjack Profession.

Let’s see below the process of getting Hardwood in detail:

1) Farming Hardwood at Secret Woods

Farming Hardwood at Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

The Secret Forest is the best place for you to get Hardwood, since you can visit it each day to destroy the Large Stumps there to get Hardwood.

A good way to farm Hardwood in the Secret Forest is to head over to the location, chop the Large Stumps, return home to rest, and repeat.

This will provide you with a continuous supply of Hardwood as the days go by until you can start planting Mahogany Seeds.

2) Chopping Large Stumps and Large Logs

Chopping Large Stumps to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

When you first start in the game, you will notice that there are certain leftovers of what appear to be larger trees in the form of logs or stumps.

These are the early sources you have for obtaining Hardwood and can be chopped after a few swings with a Steel Axe.

Destroying these will provide you with Hardwood but they will not respawn and later you will need to resort to planting Mahogany Seeds.

3) Farming Mahogany Trees

Planting Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley to get Hardwood

You can plant Mahogany Seeds which will later grow into Mahogany Trees, and these may be chopped down to get Hardwood. 

The downside of planting Mahogany Trees is that the chance for them to grow may prevent them from reaching maturity quickly.

It is advisable to keep any Mahogany Seeds you find and to obtain more whenever you can to have a good supply of Hardwood.

Other Ways To Get Hardwood

  • Chopping normal down trees with Lumberjack Profession
  • Farming Mahogany Trees on Ginger Island
  • Destroying Barrels in the Mines
  • Cutting down trees in the Dangerous Mines (Spawns on Levels 41 to 69)
  • Gift from Robin
  • Harvesting from Woodskip Fish Pond

Hardwood Uses

Hardwood is important for crafting several items, which include Warp Totems that can be used to teleport to different locations.

This resource is also required for upgrading your Farmhouse (Upgrade 2) as well as for constructing a Stable.

Below is a list of all the items that you can craft with the use of Hardwood:

  • Cheese Press
  • Oil Maker
  • Hardwood Fence
  • Cork Bobber
  • Worm Bin
  • Warp Totem Beach
  • Warp Totem Mountains
  • Warp Totem Farm
  • Warp Totem Desert
  • Warp Totem Island
  • Rain Totem
  • Stump Brazier
  • Carved Brazier
  • Cask
  • Ostrich Incubator
  • Heavy Tapper
  • Mini Obelisk
  • Hopper


As you progress in the game, you will find that the need for Hardwood increases the more you want everything as a convenience.

This requires that you resort to multiple sources at times due to the distance of locations where they can be obtained.

Once you get your hands on a bunch of Hardwood, playing Stardew Valley becomes a walk in the park and you can speed things up to save energy.

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