How To Get Ancient Scroll in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is filled with all sorts of items that you can get as loot and players have been wondering about one of them, the Ancient Scroll.

The Ancient Scroll can be obtained in various qualities and is mentioned that it can be used by all classes but everyone is wondering if it has any uses.

As the game is currently in its early stage and still in the making, there could be a reason this item takes up 6 item slots in your inventory.

How To Get Ancient Scroll?

You can obtain an Ancient Scroll by looting enemies or opening chests as there is a chance for them to be within them.

The drop rate of Ancient Scrolls is not high so you will most likely only get these every other game rather than each dungeon you go through.

There does not seem to be a specific enemy that drops this, but it is rather generated by a random percentage.

Ancient Scroll UseAncient Scroll in Dark and Darker

“Filled with ancient writing that may uncover the secrets of the world or might just be the recipe for old fashioned cake.”

There is currently no use for Ancient Scrolls as they are only sellable at this current time but they may have some other use in the future.

Judging by its text and what is often a result of such items, the Ancient Scroll might be an item that grants the user experience or may be used to upgrade items.

Selling Ancient Scrolls does not seem to give a lot of Gold in Dark and Darkest but sometimes every drop counts when it comes to farming.

You can sell Ancient Scrolls that you have collected to “The Collector”, a merchant that deals in old trinkets and other odd items.

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Ancient Scroll Quality

As with most items in the game, the quality of an Ancient Scroll will determine its value when it is sold to The Collector.

If ever there will be another use for the item, the quality may affect the effects of the item or the benefits that it provides.

Currently, the only benefit of better-quality Ancient Scrolls is the amount of Gold that you can get when you sell them.


For an item that takes up a lot of slots, you would expect that the Ancient Scroll would have some other use in the game.

Since all classes seem to be in its “required class” list, this may prove to be a usable item later on in future updates.

As for now, it seems that if you have items that are more valuable than Ancient Scrolls, it would be best to just drop them.

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