Dark and Darker Campfire (Uses, Healing & How to Get Kit)

Dark and Darker Campfire

Most people may not appreciate the simplicity of a nicely lit fire but in Dark and Darker, you most likely will because a Campfire Kit can come in handy.

This is one of the Utility Items that players can use in the game, allowing them to rest up and continue with their journey within a dungeon.

Just like with other items, Campfire Kits can also have higher rarities, which makes them even more useful in certain situations.

Campfire Uses

A Campfire is used as a temporary healing method in Dark and Darker, which allows you as well as your allies to rest and heal a portion of your health.

Once a Campfire has been placed down, you and your allies simply need to approach and interact with it to start resting.

As you are resting, your health as well as that of your allies will begin to regenerate until the Campfire’s duration is over.

Campfire Healing

When resting next to a Campfire, your health will slowly regenerate over time but it is important to make sure to look around as enemies may ambush you.

Once a player sets down a Campfire, it will last for a certain period, which is why it is important to let your allies know you are placing one down.

Players will need to stay still while resting or else they will stand up again and will not heal until interacting with it again.

How To Use Campfire Kit?Dark and Darker Campfire Kit

To use a Campfire, you will need to first place it in one of your Utility Slots, which will allow you to equip and set it up.

Once the Campfire is equipped, you will see where it will be placed and need to use the Primary Fire button to set it up.

Setting up the Campfire will take some time and you will need to wait for it before moving or the process will be canceled.

How To Get Campfire Kit?Dark and Darker Campfire Trade

Campfire Kits can be purchased from the Woodsman, who is one of the merchants in Dark and Darker that sells various items.

Aside from purchasing them from the Woodsman, you can also sometimes get them as loot which may even have a higher rarity.

The Ranger will always have a Campfire Kit ready to be used whenever his inventory is refreshed after losing their items.

Campfire Quality

You can sometimes obtain Campfire Kits when looting that has a higher quality than the standard ones, making them more efficient.

A Campfire Kit with higher rarity will last longer when it is being used, allowing you to regenerate more health over time.

Sometimes using a higher rarity Campfire Kit can fully restore the health of you and your whole party, preparing you to fight enemies once more.


Healing yourself and even your allies is a great way to make sure everyone survives long enough to make it to an Escape Portal.

If you know there are no enemies nearby and the coast is clear, it is best to use a Campfire Kit to regenerate your health.

Not only does a Campfire work as a good source of health regeneration, but it can also be used as a light source or to even bait enemies into a trap.

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