Dark and Darker Character Creation (Choosing Class, Customizing & Skin Selection)

Dark and Darker Class List

Dark and Darker allows you to create your character along with the option of choosing what kind of playstyle you will have for them.

You can create multiple characters in this game, which lets you have at least one of each class to use to explore dungeons.

While customization is currently at its minimal, players can still create multiple characters and test each class out as much as they want.

How To Create a Character?

Once you start Dark and Darker, you will need to create a character before you can start playing the game and will need to select the Create Character option.

This will bring you to the character creation menu, which prompts you to select your class, which also lets you choose the gender of your character.

Once you have selected a class, you will need to type in your unique character name and can hit confirm to create the character.

Choosing Your Class

There is no need to worry about choosing the wrong class as you can make as many characters as you want to try them all.

Each class will be different, allowing you to use different weapons and skills that best suit the way you want to play the game.

Later you will be able to choose which perks and skills your character will be used to create the best build that suits you.

How To Change Gender?

Changing your character’s gender will not have any effect on their stats and is simply just a preference for players.

You can change the gender of your character by selecting option A (for male) or option B (for female) before confirming the character creation is done.

Each class has its version of male and female characters that you can choose when you make your character.

Character Stats

The character stats for each character is fixed based on which class you choose, this means that you will need to adapt to each character.

Although the stats are fixed, you will be able to eventually obtain items to improve them, allowing you to focus on certain builds.

The gender of the character does not affect the stats in any way as only the class itself will determine what stats they have.

How To Customize Character?Customizing Character in Dark and Darker

Eventually, the game will have options for you to customize your character in various ways, which can later be done in the customize menu.

Judging by the appearance and the fact that the game is still in development, there will be items that are either obtainable or that can be purchased to customize your character.

As for now, there are certain items such as emotes and skins that can be purchased and equipped in the game.

How To Get Skins?Skins in Dark and Darker

The current skins in the game allow you to change the appearance of your character and there are also some for items such as torches and campfires.

These can be purchased with Adventure Currency, which is obtained by killing monsters, looting, using shrines, and escaping through portals.

Your Adventure Currency will continue to be earned as you play the game and eventually will accumulate as you progress.

Change Class

There is currently no way to change your class or gender in the game and it seems this may be permanent upon character creation.

You may however create additional characters if you want to try another class but the appearance will not be alterable for now.

It is possible that in the future such options may be available but it is, for now, unsure as the game is still being polished.


The Character Creation in Dark and Darker is quite generous as they allow you to make as many characters as you want.

This will allow you to play each class and allow you to enjoy leveling all of them up and enjoying the different playstyles.

In the future, it may be possible for more options to customize your character to be introduced to make the game more fun.

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