Dark and Darker Heart Candy (How to Get, Use & Locations)

Dark Darker Heart Candy

“Say “I love you!” with every bite of these delicious sweet treats. Hard candy hearts with messages of endearment.”

There are different types of currency in Dark and Darker but one of them is so sweet that one of the merchants will give you some goodies for them.

We’re talking about Heart Candy, a currency used to buy high-quality items from Valentine that you should collect whenever you can.

Heart Candy appears to be a permanent currency right now and it’s good to take back any that you find when exploring dungeons.

How To Get Heart Candy?

Heart Candy is a random drop and you can get it from almost any enemy but it seems the more difficult the enemy is to defeat, the higher the chance it has to drop.

These come in small amounts and are best kept safe until you get to extract them from the dungeon as they will be useful later on.

It is also possible to obtain Heart Candy from chests but the chance to loot them is quite low so it is best to kill as many enemies as you can.

Heart Candy Use

There is only one use for Heart Candy at the moment and that is to purchase items from Valentine, one of the merchants in the game.

Judging by the name Heart Candy and this merchant’s name, it is quite obvious this is meant to be related to Valentine’s Day.

To purchase items from Valentine, you will need to have Heart Candy in either your stash or inventory and it will be used once you buy an item from him.

Heart Candy Locations

Heart Candy can be obtained on any of the maps, which currently are The Goblin Caves and The Forgotten Castle.

Since Heart Candy is dropped by chance, it doesn’t matter where you go right now and you simply need to just keep looting chests and enemies.

It is important to keep in mind that the rarer the chest or stronger the enemy, the more likely you are to obtain rare items.


Heart Candy is quite rare to come by and it is important that you grab it whenever you can just in case you want to buy something from Valentine.

Since the merchants will reset after a certain duration, you will never know when Valentine may have something that you will need.

This rare currency only takes up one slot, so it is worth it to make sure you keep it in your inventory and escape as soon as you can.

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