How to Block in Dark and Darker

Blocking Attacks in Dark and Darker

Taking damage in Dark and Darker is something that you need to seriously avoid and this can be difficult to do if you are facing a faster opponent.

A good way for you to avoid taking damage when you can’t get out of the way is to block the attack, which can be done by certain classes.

Blocking an attack can completely prevent all of the damage as long as the block is successful, which can keep you alive.

Blocking With a Shield

Blocking an attack requires that you have a shield as there is no blocking with a weapon in Dark and Darker, making this a class-specific move.

To block an attack, you will need to have a shield equipped and your weapon along with your shield should be ready.

With a shield equipped, you can hold the Secondary Fire button/key to hold our shield up to block incoming attacks.

What Attacks Can Be Blocked?

Any attack that is a direct hit can be blocked, including melee weapons and arrows as well as some spells cast by enemies.

This requires that you have the proper shield used and that your body parts are not hit to be considered a successful block.

Damage from explosions and other sources that are not protected by your shield will still deal damage to you.

Blocking AngleUsing Shield to Block Attacks in Dark and Darker

Both the size of your shield as well as the angle you are holding it will affect the chance of blocking as this is not based on any percentage but pure skill.

When blocking an attack you need to look at the orientation of the attack and determine where it will hit to block it.

If an attack hits you visually due to an exposed spot, you will still get hit, which means you need to aim with your shield to block certain attacks.

How To Use a Shield to Block the Attacks?

Once you have a shield in your inventory, you can equip it into the Secondary Weapon slot to use it alongside your Primary Weapon.

This will cause the shield to be equipped whenever the weapon is brought out, allowing you to block attacks in a fight.

When picking up a shield and wielding certain weapons, the shield will automatically be equipped if possible.

Classes that Can Block

Currently, the only classes that are capable of blocking are those that can wield a shield, which is the Fighter and the Cleric.

Since both of them can equip shields, they both can use them to block attacks, making them good for team fights.

Fighters are exceptional with shields as they have perks that improve their ability in combat when using shields.

Clerics on the other hand can wield shields to protect themselves as well as their allies during fights while they focus on other support spells from time to time.


Shields can play a big part in keeping oneself alive during a fight in both PVE and PVP situations in Dark and Darker.

Using them is a great way to protect yourself from attacks from strong characters and fast ones since movement speed is also a big deal in the game.

Keep in mind that when fighting one or more enemies, blocking their attacks can open a window of opportunity most of the time.

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