How To Revive in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, everyone gets killed from time to time and there is no shame in that but giving up should also be avoided if your team is still alive.

While players cannot resurrect themselves, their allies can do this if they go through the effort to bring you back.

There are only two ways in the game to revive a slain ally, which is to either use an Altar of Sacrifice or the Cleric’s Resurrection spell.

What Happens When You Die?

When you are killed in Dark and Darker, your body is left, and your loot is up for the taking but removing your chest piece reveals something.

When your chest piece is removed, an item known as a Soul Heart will be in the slot, which can be taken by your allies.

To resurrect you, the Soul Heart must be taken to an Altar of Sacrifice or it should be on your body when a Cleric uses the Resurrection spell.

How To Get Soul Heart?

Once your ally has fallen, you will need to obtain his Soul Heart if you plan on bringing it to an Altar of Sacrifice to resurrect them.

This can be done by unequipping their chest piece, which will reveal the Soul Heart which you can now take.

The Soul Heart will take up 4 item slots and will appear on your belt if you have it equipped on one of the Utility Slots.

How To Resurrect an Ally?

When it comes to reviving a killed ally, anyone can use the Altar of Sacrifice but this can only be done now and then while the Cleric can only cast resurrection once.

1) Using an Altar of Sacrifice

To resurrect your ally, take their Soul Heart from their body and bring it to any Altar of Sacrifice so that you can use it there.

You must equip the Soul Heart and interact with the Altar of Sacrifice, which will begin a channeling sequence for a short period.

Once the resurrection is done, your ally will be brought back to life at the Altar of Sacrifice with a small amount of health.

2) Using Resurrection (Cleric Spell)

With the Cleric’s Resurrection spell, they can revive one of their allies who have been killed in a dungeon but this can only be used once.

The spell has only one charge and once it is used up, the Cleric will no longer be able to revive their allies again.

Additionally, the Cleric has a perk called Requiem, which allows them to resurrect players with 50% health instead of a small amount.


Reviving a dead ally can be a big help when you are up against other enemies in a dungeon and can help you survive in numbers.

It is a good idea to always remember where there is a Shrine of Sacrifice if an ally gets killed later.

Keep in mind that once resurrected, you still need to get your body or new gear as you will be completely naked once you get back up.

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