Dark and Darker Lockpick (How to Get, Uses & Chest Loot)

Dark and Darker Lockpick

It can be annoying when you come across something that you cannot open in Dark and Darker, which could have led to more spoils.

This can either be a door leading to somewhere or a rare chest that can have some good loot inside of it, which can be disappointing at times.

Luckily, you can always use a Lockpick to open these but getting the item itself needed to open them may be a bit of a challenge.

How To Get Lockpick?

Lockpicks can be obtained by looting enemies that you have killed but these are not as common as you might think they would be.

The best way to get a Lockpick is to kill as many enemies as possible and hope that one of them may have a Lockpick in their inventory.

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to find a Lockpick in a chest or even lying around as a generated item.

Lockpick Uses

Lockpicks are used to open up locked chests or doors, allowing you to access them for a chance to progress better.

Some locked doors will lead to rooms with good loot or traps but it is always worth it to explore as much as you can in the game.

Locked chests tend to have good loot in them, which is why bringing a Lockpick with you to open them is a good way to get rare items.

How To Use Lockpick?Interacting with loot chest in Dark and Darker

To use a Lockpick, you will need to place it in one of your Utility Slots so that you can equip it when you want to open a locked chest or door.

Once you find a locked chest or door, interact with it to open it and a minigame will appear that requires you to press the Jump button once the dial is in the highlighted area.

If you time it right, the unlocking process will continue until you have unlocked the chest or door and it will now be accessible.

Rare Chest LootHealing by keeping loot chest down

A Lockpick is used as a temporary healing method in Dark and Darker, which allows you as well as your allies to rest and heal a portion of your health.

Once a Lockpick has been placed down, you and your allies simply need to approach and interact with it to start resting.

As you are resting, your health as well as that of your allies will begin to regenerate until the Lockpick’s duration is over.

Lockpick Breaking

There is sometimes a risk when you fail to pick locks and this can lead to your Lockpick being destroyed in the process.

It is best to always be ready when you are picking a lock to make sure you can time the minigame right to avoid this.

If your Lockpick is broken, you will not be able to pick locks again until you have obtained a new one.


Sometimes the best loot can be obtained in areas behind locked doors or within the rarer chests that you find in the game.

It is a good idea to bring a Lockpick with you, especially if you are in a match with allies to make sure someone is around to pick locks.

Aside from using a Lockpick, the Rogue is capable of picking locks by learning the  Lockpick Expert perk, which provides them with unlimited lockpicking.

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