Dark and Darker Escape Portal Guide (How to Find, Use & Steal)

Dark and Darker Escape Portal

If you have been wondering about how to keep the gear you have gotten in Dark and Darker, you are not alone.

Some players can spend a bunch of their time fighting enemies and looting the area but have wondered how they can bring all the goods back.

It is easy to escape a dungeon with your loot if you don’t get killed on your way as you continue to survive toward the end of a match.

How To Leave Dungeon With Loot?Opening Escape Portal in Dark and Darker

If you have made it through the later parts of a match, you will notice that the circle of death, also known as the Dark Swarm, is pushing you toward a certain area.

Players will need to remain within the circle or else they will eventually be consumed by the darkness, causing them to die and lose all their items.

To escape from the dungeon with all your loot, you will need to find and interact with an Escape Portal, which will allow you to exit safely.

How To Find Escape Portal?

Escape Portals will begin to spawn once the remaining time of the match begins to run out, making it necessary to finish up and leave.

You will hear a sound whenever an Escape Portal appears and will need to rush toward it to locate it before other players do.

The Escape Portal is easy to spot thanks to its blue color (as shown in the image above) and can be found near the safer areas when the ring of death begins to close.

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How To Use Escape Portals?

Once an Escape Portal appears, you will need to approach and interact with it, which will cause you to begin channeling it.

You will be vulnerable at this point but can cancel the action if you need to protect yourself from enemies that appear during this time.

Once an Escape Portal has been activated, a blue circle will appear, and you will need to walk through it to leave the dungeon with your items.

How Many Players Can Use Escape Portal?

Each Escape Portal will only be usable by one player and will disappear once someone has walked through it.

This means that each member of a party will need to find their escape portal if they all want to leave safely.

There will be multiple Escape Portals that appear when the match is near its end and most players who search for them early can extract them at the same time.

Stealing Escape Portals

Players can steal an Escape Portal as channeling them will cause the actual portal to open and players must walk through them.

If a player does not go inside an Escape Portal right away, other players can simply walk through them, allowing whoever goes in first to escape.

This is always a way to bait other players since they will be unsuspecting of someone waiting for them to pass by as they are distracted by the urge to extract.

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