How To Heal in Dark and Darker

Exploring the different dungeons in Dark and Darkest can sometimes put you in some dangerous situations which leave you low on health.

This can be whether you are damaged by a trap, attacked by monsters, or have had a run-in with other aggressive players.

If your health is low, the chances of you surviving and extracting from the dungeon become very low, which is why it is necessary to heal your character.

How To Restore Health?

There are different types of healing items in Dark and Darker, most of them are situational and best used at the right time.

1) Using a Potion of Healing

The Potion of Healing is one of the items that players can consume in the game to restore health by a certain amount.

A regular Potion of Healing will usually restore 15 health per second, but some variants may heal you for up to 19. (Rare variants will heal more health)

Drinking one of these potions will cause you to have a buff that slowly heals your character for 20 seconds, restoring health each second.

2) Using a Bandage

Bandages are also useful healing items, but they work differently from how Potions of Healing work, instantly recovering an amount of health.

This item takes a bit of time before it is finished and will slow you down before it restores your health by a certain amount.

Depending on what bandage you have, normal ones will usually heal you for 10 to 15 health but have a chance to heal you more depending on their rarity.

3) Using a Surgical Kit

The Surgical Kit is one of the best healing items in the game but it is very rare to find and best used when most needed.

Similar to the Bandage, the Surgical Kit takes a bit of time to be used and slows you down before you are healed.

Once the Surgical Kit has been used, your health will be fully restored no matter how large your health pool is.

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4) Using Campfire

A Campfire is another good way to heal not only your health but also the health of members of your party.

This takes time to set up but once it is placed, you and your team can interact with it to rest, allowing you to recover health over time.

There are some Campfires that have a higher rarity which can be looted, which lasts longer and heal more health based on how rare it is.

5) Shrine of Health

The Shrine of Health is one of the shrines that you can find in certain parts of the dungeons, which can be interacted with once you are near them.

Interacting with the Shrine of Health will cause your player to begin praying for a short amount of time before it is activated.

Once the Shrine of Health has been activated, the person who has used it will have their health completely restored.

6) Using Healing Spells or Skills

Some classes have spells that allow them to heal themselves or their allies, which allows you to support your team or increase your survivability.

Other classes have skills that allow them to simply restore their health before they head back into battle or when they are in a fight.

The following are the different Skills that heal in the game:

  • Holy Light (Cleric Spell) – Heals 30 health to target.
  • Lesser Heal (Cleric Spell) – Heals 15 health to target or self.
  • Sanctuary (Cleric Spell) – Causes area to heal players by 5 per second.
  • Field Ration (Ranger Skill) – Heals yourself for 25 health.
  • Second Wind (Fighter Skill) – Heals 50% of your health over 12 seconds.
  • Victory Strike (Fighter Skill) – Defeating an enemy with this skill restores 5% of your max health.


Healing is a very important part of Dark and Darker as having your health up most of the time increases your chance of survival.

If you do not have any ways to heal yourself, you can always search for healing items such as Potions of Healing and Bandages.

It is best to keep your health above 50% at all times to avoid getting unsuspectedly killed by sneaky enemies or traps.

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