Leveling Guide in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Leveling Guide

In order to make you character stronger, you wont just need good equipment but you also need to increase your level in able to learn new skills and equip better gear.

Aside from gaining skills as you progress that improve your character, you will also work you way towards your Guardian Rank later on which will make your character even stronger.

There are different ways to get experience which pretty much occur at the same time or as you normally play through the game.



Experience is monitored in the middle bottom part of your screen which will show a yellow bar for normal experience and a purple one for your Guardian Rank.

Experience that you gain is shown above the bar and as you continuously gain experience, the bar will be filled which increases your level and or Guardian Rank.

There are different ways to how experience can be acquired which are the following:

Story Missions


The main missions or story mission give a large amount of experience as you progress through the game and doing these is the most basic and main way to level up.

As you follow through with the missions, you should be around the level of each of the new missions that you accept.

Side Missions


Side missions are additional missions that you can do aside from focusing on the main mission of Borderlands 3.

Some side missions will appear on your map or you will have to do a bit of exploring which will make them marked on your map afterwards with a yellow exclamation mark.

These missions can be given from different characters or taken of from job boards and can provide you with a good amount of experience, especially if you need to catch up with your level.

Killing Enemies


Aside from receiving experience as a reward for doing missions, killing enemies will generate a stable amount of experience.

The more enemies you kill, the faster your experience gain will be but keep in mind that it is not very rewarding to kill enemies that are lower than your level since they will not provide much experience.

Discovering Areas


When you come across a new location for the first time, you will get a notification that an new area has been discovered which will also grant you experience.

This makes exploring the maps more exciting since you get rewarded with experience as well as may find some pretty good things in different areas.

Farming Experience


Players will eventually reach level 50 which is the level cap in Borderlands 3 and later on progress to gaining experience for their Guardian Rank.

Some players struggle leveling up after the main story is finished and will not be able to reach level 50 right away if they missed out.

In order to hit level 50, there are several things that you may do in order to proceed to the max level so you can enjoy the Guardian Rank much sooner.

Finishing The Main Story


First thing is first, the main story will pretty much send you skyrocketing to level 50 as long as you stayed focused on it.

There is nothing wrong with doing a bit of exploring or enjoying other parts of the game but if you really want to hit the level cap, you will need to finish the main story.

Doing Side Missions


It is recommended that you do site missions in order to get additional experience as well as some other rewards so that you are always the right level when proceeding with the main story.

If you are unable to do the main story due to having a low level, you can always resort to doing the side missions in order to compensate for your level.

Farming Bosses


Bosses usually don’t give much unless you are near their level or if you are in Mayhem Mode for an adjusted reward in experience.

If you are the same level with a certain boss, you can farm them by repeatedly killing them over and over again until you get the experience you need.

In order to do this, simply kill the boss, head back to the main menu and continue the game once more so the boss will respawn.

Playing In Mayhem Mode


Once Mayhem Mode has been unlocked, playing through any area will allow you to boost the level of enemies to match yours so that you can gain a good amount of experience regardless where you are killing enemies.

Activating Mayhem Mode and doing any side quests that you missed can give you a good amount of experience or simply heading to areas where you can kill several enemies easily will give a large amount of experience.

Playing Endgame Content


Borderlands 3 has additional content that you may enjoy to play such as the Maliwan Takedown, Proving Grounds and the Circle Of Slaughter missions.

These missions will give players something else to enjoy if ever they want to make a good amount of experience, get rewards as well as let of some steam by destroying enemies.

Bonus content allows you to enjoy the other challenges of the game and put your abilities to the test.



  • Doing the main missions along with the side missions in the areas that you are in provide a good amount of experience early on.
  • If you miss out on some side missions, you can always activate Mayhem Mode and go back for them so that they are still rewarding when you complete them.
  • Avoid trying to farm lower level enemies as the grind is not worth it unless you are level 50 since you will eventually need the level 50 gear.
  • Use what gear you have and finish the main story since the only important gear later on is level 50 equipment.
  • If you are having trouble with missions, try to farm more experience so you can later on come back and retry.
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