Warframe Empyrean Guide: Starting & Configuring Railjack…

Warframe Empyrean

Empyrean is live and the Railjack is now usable by those who have them already which gives even more adventures in Warframe.

In order to play Empyrean, you will first need to have made your Railjack which will be used with the missions that come along with the Empyrean update.

Starting Railjack Reactor


Before you can begin venturing off into space in your Railjack, you need to first start its reactor which is done by finishing a quick mission.


Once you are on your Railjack in the dry dock, Cephalon Cy will tell you that the reactor needs to be powered and you will need to inspect a waypoint.


Follow the waypoint and you will end up being in front of the reliquary which you will need a key for later on.


Examine the reliquary to proceed with the mission as Cephalon Cy will tell you what your next step will be.


After examining the reliquary, you will be given an option to investigate the coordinates on Lua which is where the key is located.

You can head there immediately or select to do it later if you need to take care of something or change your gear.


When you arrive at the destination, you will be in a Lua mission and will have to follow the waypoint which marks where the key is located.


Proceed towards the waypoint until you located the void key which will be sitting at the top of a flight of stairs.


Pick up the void key and make your way back to the extraction point but be careful as there will be sentients and corrupted enemies along the way.


Once you extract from the mission, the reliquary key will be in your inventory and you will need to head back to your Railjack.


Once you are back inside your Railjack, head over to the reliquary and interact with it to place the key needed to start the reactor.


A cutscene will play and afterwards you will be able to take your Railjack out for a spin and you will be able to start missions.


After completing the mini quest, you will be able to start doing missions from your Railjack, allowing you to make your own session instead of joining other squads.

You can also take it out for a spin in free flight to test it out at fly around to get the hang of it.

Configuring Your Railjack


There are several things that you can do with your Railjack which include upgrading it, changing what is installed on it and even modify its appearance.

In order to configure your Railjack, you may simply head to the dry dock and access the terminal on the right side.

Railjack Components


Components are parts of the ship that affect the different stats of the ship which mainly are the speed, shields and avionics capacity.

There are available components that may be researched at a dojo to later on be fabricated and installed on your Railjack.

The main parts that you may change on your Railjack components are the following:

  • Shield Array – Determines the amount of shields your Railjack has
  • Engines – Affects the speed of your Railjack
  • Reactor – Affects the amount of avionics capacity your Railjack has

Railjack Armaments


There are 3 slots on your Railjack which can have weapons installed in them and you may choose which weapons to install.

Weapons may be researched in the dojo by accessing the console next to the Railjack configuring console to be fabricated later on.

The following are the slots for the Railjack weapons:

  • Nose Turret – Turrets used by the person piloting the Railjack
  • Wing Turrets – Turrets that may be used by those that are not piloting the Railjack
  • Ordnance – Powerful weapons that require Munitions which are more special than the normal turrets on the Railjack

Railjack Avionics


Avionics will allow you upgrade certain stats for your ship such as armor, health, weapon damage and much more.

This is pretty much like modding your Railjack in order to customize its stats and improve its performance.



You can handle the resources needed for your ship in the payload section which is where you craft revolite, a resource needed when repairing your ship as well as the munitions for the weapons and more.

All your ships needs can be forged here before heading out into battle and can even be done while in a mission by accessing the forging bay at the back of the ship.


The forging bays can be accessed at the back of the ship by heading up to the orange glowing circles which later allows you to interact with it.

Forging bays are usable when the Railjack is outside of the dry dock and in the case that you want to manage the payload section, simply head for the terminal inside the dry dock.

Railjack Intrinsics


Railjack Intrinsics are like upgrades that affect both you and the Railjack in some way as it improves either how you control it or how you manage it.

There are 4 branches of intrinsics which you can upgrade every time an intrinsic becomes available which is from participating in the Railjack missions which are tactical, piloting, gunnery and engineering.

You will progress faster based on how much you do during Railjack missions.

Railjack Customization


Style is important to many players and luckily, we have the option of customizing both the interior and exterior of the Railjack.

There are skins that you can choose from and you have the freedom to change the colors just as you would with your orbiter.

Doing Railjack Missions


Railjack missions can be done from both the star chart as well as from the Railjack but in order to create your own sessions, you will have to start the from the Railjack.


As you set a course for each mission, you will travel there in real time and the mission will begin right away.

Once a mission is finished you can either head back to the dry dock or continue on to another mission via the star chart by accessing navigation on the Railjack.


The resources needed for basically all of the Railjack’s needs can be found in the Railjack missions and can be obtained by destroying enemies and picking up the loot scattered around the area.

After completing a mission, you can still fly around and collect a lot of resources with the safety of not having many enemies around to chase after you.


Upon returning to the dry dock, you will be able to view the mission success summary.

New Resources


There are several resources that have been added which are mainly used for the Railjack and may be obtained during the Railjack missions.

The following are newly added resources:

  • Asterite
  • Aucrux Capacitors
  • Bracoid
  • Fresnels
  • Gallos Rods
  • Isos
  • Kesslers
  • Komms
  • Nullstones
  • Titanium
  • Trachons