Warframe Hidden Messages Quest Guide: Riddle Locations, Crafting Costs…

Warframe Hidden Messages

In order to obtain Mirage, you will need to do her quest which also counts as an introduction to her lore as well as a process for you to obtain her parts.

This is how you can get Mirage for free if you decide to not purchase her with platinum and want to enjoy the quest.

The Hidden Messages mission takes you on a path where you follow riddles left behind in order to figure out the whereabouts of the parts for Mirage which you may later on craft in order to fully build the Warframe bit by bit.

Hidden Messages Walkthrough


The Hidden Messages quest will be available in the Codex and must be activated in order to begin heading out on the missions to find Mirage’s parts.


This will not be like most missions where you may simply click on the mission and get sent to where you need to do the quest but instead you will have to figure out your next destination based on riddles left as a message that Ordis will read to you and later on send to your inbox.


Each riddle will be tied to a certain mission located on a certain planet and you will need to figure out which mission it is based on understanding the riddle.

For those who do not know much about what the riddles are about, research is always available but it is also possible to guess each mission by click on them only to have a option to select the Hidden Messages mission if the right one is chosen.

This can be very tedious of course so we have included the list of missions in this walkthrough for faster progression in order to save everyone the trouble of guessing and searching.


Each of the missions will be similar to ordinary missions but will usually have a twist to them such as having transmissions during the mission or the mission themselves requiring more time to finish.


Once a mission is finished, you are to extract and will receive one of Mirage’s parts depending on which mission you have done.

Each of the missions will reward you with one of her parts and the steps will be progressive as you make your way to obtain each of them.


Each time you receive one of her parts, you will need to craft them in order to proceed to the next part until you get her third and final part.

All of Mirage’s parts will take 12 hours to craft which may also be rushed with the usage of platinum.


After obtaining the last part and crafting it, the mission will be finished and you will now have all parts necessary for building the Mirage Warframe.

Mirage’s blueprint is available for purchase in the market inside your orbiter for 35,000 credits.

Hidden Messages Riddle Locations

Olympus (Mars)


The first among the blueprints that you will obtain are for the Mirage Neuroptics which is located in the Olympus mission on Mars.

The riddle mentions “Can you name their peak where the land meets the sky?” which is a reference to both the real Mount Olympus as well as the Olympus some may know when it comes to mythology.

Instead of the normal disruption mission, you will be doing an exterminate mission where the first transmissions regarding Mirage will occur.

Calypso (Saturn)


The second blueprint that you will obtain is for the Mirage Systems which is receive after doing the Calypso mission on Saturn.

The riddle mentions “Seek the nymph who sang oh so pretty, She lured him in with her song and grin, his wife must’ve thought it a pity.” Which is a reference to Calypso based on mythology as the nymph that lured Odysseus away from his wife Penelope.

You will be doing a 15-minute survival and will face off against infested enemies for the duration of the whole mission.

Charybdis (Sedna)


The third and last blueprint will be for the Mirage Chassis which is rewarded after doing the Charybdis mission on Sedna.

The riddle mentions “An ancient sea creature, take a whirl or not?Look for the monster that swallowed sailors of yore” which is reference to Charybdis, an ancient sea creature in Greek mythology thought to be a whirlpool which later on appeared to swallow those who came near it.

The mission will be a Hive Sabotage mission instead of the regular Mobile Defense mission.

Crafting Costs

Mirage Neuroptics


Mirage Systems


Mirage Chassis


Mirage Blueprint


  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Mirage Neuroptics
  • 1 Mirage Chassis
  • 1 Mirage Systems
  • 1 Argon Crystal



  • All of the missions will pit you against the infested as enemies and they can easily be killed using slash, heat and gas weapons.
  • Mirage is one of the easiest Warframes to obtain which can prove to deal a lot of damage early on for beginners and veteran players.