How to Get Mirage in Warframe 2023 Guide

Warframe Mirage

A Warframe that focuses on mystery and mischief, Mirage is known to confuse her enemies with tricks and defeat them with illusions and whatever plans she has up her sleeve.

With the power of Illusion, Mirage is capable of summoning copies of herself, turning items into booby traps, and may even unleash a prism of deadly light.

While being a trickster in true form, Mirage can achieve different effects with her abilities depending on if she is in the darkness or light.

How to Get Mirage?MWB-2

Mirage can be purchased fully built for 275 Platinum or she may be obtained by purchasing her blueprint from the market and completing The Hidden Messages quest for her parts.

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How To Get Mirage Blueprint?

The Mirage main blueprint can be bought from the market aboard your orbiter for 35,000 credits which you can use to craft the Warframe once you have her other components.

 If you are wondering how to farm credits quickly then this guide will help you

How To Get Mirage Parts?

You can get Mirage’s parts by completing the Hidden Messages quest, which requires that you solve 3 riddles that point you to each of the locations to find Mirage’s Parts.

Each riddle points you to one mission that you can find on your star chart, rewarding you with a Mirage Component once you complete them.

During the quest, you discover more about Mirage’s lore and at the end, you will have all 3 of the Mirage Components and may start building her once you have her main blueprint.

Hidden Quest Riddle Answers

Each answer of the Hidden Quest riddles will tell you which mission you need to complete next to proceed.

  • Riddle 1 Answer – Olympus, Mars
  • Riddle 2 Answer – Calypso, Saturn
  • Riddle 3 Answer – Charybdis, Sedna

After getting Mirage, you may be wondering about it’s builds. In this Mirage build guide, we’ve covered some of the effective builds. Do read our guide.

Mirage Crafting Requirements

Mirage Main Blueprint

  • Credits (25,000)
  • Mirage Neuroptics (1)
  • Mirage Chassis (1)
  • Mirage Systems (1)
  • Argon Crystal (1)

Mirage Neuroptics

Mirage Chassis

Mirage Systems

Mirage PrimeMWB-3

Mirage Prime is the Prime variant of Mirage featuring a greatly increased amount of armor and a decent amount of increased shield.

Relics that contain Mirage Prime blueprint and component blueprints:

Mirage Prime Blueprint

  • Axi M1
  • Lith M7
  • Meso M2
  • Meso M3
  • Neo M1

Mirage Prime Neuroptics Blueprint

  • Axi T2
  • Lith W1
  • Lith Z1
  • Meso E5
  • Meso H1
  • Meso B6
  • Neo G1
  • Neo S9

Mirage Prime Chassis Blueprint

  • Axi 12
  • Axi H4
  • Lith K5
  • Lith S7
  • Meso K2
  • Neo L1

Mirage Prime Systems Blueprint

  • Axi H5
  • Axi R2
  • Meso O2
  • Neo K2
  • Neo S12
  • Neo V6

Mirage AbilitiesMWB-4

Mirage has the ability to conjure multiple copies of herself, create traps for enemies using her trickery, use the light and dark to give her an advantage, and release powerful prisms of beautiful light that destroy her enemies.

Passive Ability

Her passive ability known as Jester’s Proficiency gives her 50% more maneuver speed and 25% bullet jump speed.

1) Hall of Mirrors


Mirage creates multiple doppelgangers that will imitate everything that she does, including attacking enemies.

Melee attacks will be copied and projectiles fired by Mirage will also be fired by the clones with reduced damage.

Enemies will have a harder time attacking Mirage and her damage output will be increased due to the multiple copies she has.

Hall of Mirrors Stats (Rank 3)


25 Energy



25 Seconds


Augment Mod: Hall of Malevolence increases the damage that your doppelgangers deal every time you kill an enemy.

2) Sleight of Hand


Sleight of Hand causes Mirage to booby trap nearby objects which will have different effects based on if the object is touched by light or darkness.

This will create an irresistible jewel that will either burst with radial blind when touched in darkness or a radial explosion when in the light.

Casting this with Hall of Mirrors active will cause the doppelgangers to conjure smaller jewels.

Sleight of Hand Stats (Rank 3)


50 Energy

40 Meters


18 Seconds
Explosion Damage

200 Blast

Explosion Range

8 Meters

Augment Mod: Explosive Legerdemain Causes ammo and orb pickups to turn into proximity mines that deal damage and have status chance.

3) Eclipse



Casting this ability allows Mirage to become altered when standing in the light or the dark, increasing her damage when in the light or making her difficult to track and damage in the dark.

This will allow Mirage to deal high amounts of damage when standing in the light and makes it easier for her to hide or relocate through the dark depending on the situation.

Once activated there will be either a damage increase when in the light or damage reduction when standing in the dark.

Eclipse Stats (Rank 3)


25 Energy

25 Seconds

Damage Increase

Damage Reduction


Augment Mod: Total Eclipse allows your allies to also gain the effects from Eclipse when they stand in the light or dark.

4) Prism


Mirage releases an energy prism that fires lasers in all directions, dealing Radiation damage to enemies within the radius of the prism.

Activating this ability while a prism is still in motion will cause it to explode, blinding enemies who are within its explosion radius.

Several lasers shoot from the prism which will each target an enemy’s dealing damage per tick to them.

Prism Stats (Rank 3)


50 Energy

10 Energy

Number of Lasers


30 Meters


12 SEconds
Blind Duration

15 Seconds


250 Radiation

25 Meters

Prism Augment Mod: Prism Guard causes the energy prism to follow Mirage, allowing you to roam with it while dealing damages to enemies that come within your range. (Reduces duration).

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Mirage is well known for being able to create multiple copies of herself and using this to her advantage to deal multiple instances of damage with both melee and ranged weapons.

Her Explosive Legerdemain build is extremely useful when killing multiple enemies which spawn fast, making her a new addition to the line of Hydron and Sanctuary Onslaught favorites.

While some may see her as a lighter Warframe, Mirage can endure more than expected when her abilities such as Eclipse are used during the right time.

High amounts of damage can be obtained by multiple of her builds mainly focusing on Hall of Mirrors, Sleight of Hand or a Prism Build.

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