How To Make Enduro Stew in ARK

Every bit of survivability can be a big help when you are out in the open adventuring or fighting tough enemies in the game.

With Enduro Stew, you can further boost your chances of making it out alive in even the toughest of situations with the health regeneration it provides.

Although its description may be a bit off, it only provides one of the mentioned effects, but this still makes it a great dish to have in stock.

Enduro Stew Effects

The Enduro Still provides players with an increase in health regeneration, which provides around 1.2 health regeneration per second.

These effects will continue during the duration of its effects and can even be used to counter some of the damage you take over time.

While its description says it increases melee damage and stamina regeneration, it does not as this is a bug that has not yet been fixed, which means it only regenerates health.

The effects of the Enduro Stew will last for up to 900 seconds after consumption and it cannot be consumed again until the effects have worn off.

Enduro Stew Melee Damage

It seems that although the description mentions that there is a boost in melee damage, this has not yet been applied to the game.

The damage output of your melee attacks will remain the same, which means the Enduro Stew is mainly just a better way to regenerate your health.

How to Make Enduro Stew (Recipe)

ARK Enduro Stew

The Enduro Stew can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook. Below are the Enduro Stew ingredients:

  • 9 Cooked Meat, Cooked Fish Meat, or Cooked Meat Jerky
  • 5 Rockarrot
  • 5 Savoroot
  • 10 Mejoberry
  • 2 Stimulant
  • Water

Regardless of which kind of cooked meat you use, the effects of Enduro Soup will remain the same, which makes it much more convenient to use Cooked Meat.

The Enduro Stew ID for spawning is: cheat giveitemnum 223 1 0 0

Enduro Stew Description

“This hearty dish is like a workout in the form of a meal. Consume it to deal increased melee damage, and gain extra stamina regen. Effects last 15 minutes.”

Does Enduro Stew Work on Dinos?

Back then, you could use some of the cooked food on Dinos but as of now, this has been disabled, which makes Enduro Stew only work for humans.


Although the Enduro Stew does not do exactly what is depicted in its description, it is still worth the effort to cook now and then.

Bringing one of these with you when you are out in the wild, exploring dungeons, raiding, and more can be a big help to keep you alive.

The healing effects of Enduro Stew will stack with other foods that give healing effects, making it good for when you consume other cookable items too.

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