How To Make Calien Soup in ARK

The heat in Ark Survival Evolved can be very deadly at certain times and this can lead to your character ending up getting killed.

An excellent solution to this would be to bring some Calien Soup with you to counter the heat as well as reduce the water consumption of your character.

Bringing a couple of these can help you out when you are in hot places such as volcanoes or deserts that can cause heat stroke.

Calien Soup Effects

Consuming Calien Soup will increase your hyperthermal insulation by 50, which reduces the heat that your character experiences.

Water consumption will also be lowered by 25%, which is helpful in situations where you do not have any sources nearby or water consumables.

With the reduction of heat, you will be less likely to take damage from heatstroke and with the lower water reduction, you are less likely to become dehydrated.

After consuming Calien Soup, the effects will remain for a duration of 900 seconds immediately as you get the buff.

How to Make Calien Soup (Recipe)

ARK Calien Soup

The Calien Soup can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook. Below are the ingredients required to make Calien Soup:

  • 5 Citronal
  • 20 Tintoberry
  • 20 Amarberry
  • 10 Mejoberry
  • 2 Stimulant
  • Water

Getting a good supply of Calien Soup is not hard to do once you have set up a few Crop Plots as these can supply you with enough Citronal for it and other recipes.

The Calien Soup ID for spawning is: cheat giveitemnum 225 1 0 0

Calien Soup Description

“This simple vegetarian dish refreshes your body like an oasis. Consume it to gain increased hyperthermic insulation, and slow your rate of water consumption. Effects last 15 minutes”

Does Calien Soup Work on Dinos?

Calien Soup can only be consumed by humans and will be shaded out when it is placed in the inventory of creatures.


The deserts in some of the maps can be hard to traverse if you are not wearing the right gear but with the help of Calien Soup, you can.

With the increase in hyperthermal insulation, even your favorite gear can be worn to be protected at all times while remaining cool in hot areas.

Having a couple of these when you know you are going to a place that has high temperatures can save you from a lot of trouble later on.

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