How to Hatch Eggs in Ark

Hatch Eggs ARK

Ark Survival Evolved has a breeding system in the game which allows you to get eggs, which can later be hatched into creatures.

When it comes to hatching the eggs, you might need a little more effort than simply placing them on the ground as they have certain requirements.

Once you have a fertilized egg, you will need to provide it with the right environment to hatch a baby from it.

How To Get Fertilized Eggs?

It is important to keep in mind that there are regular eggs and there are fertilized eggs, which are obtainable in different ways.

Regular eggs are dropped from female creatures from time to time and cannot be hatched, so for hatching eggs, you will need to make sure they are fertilized.

Fertilized eggs are a result of breeding two creatures, which will cause the female to drop a fertilized egg, which can be distinguished by its red glow.

Some eggs may not have the red glow and can instead be checked by looking at the item to see if it is a fertilized egg.

How To Hatch Eggs?

Fertilized Eggs can be hatched by placing them in the appropriate environment that meets their needs, which is mainly to be kept hot or cold.

When you look at a dropped egg, it will let you know if it is too hot or too cold, which requires you to adjust the environment until it starts hatching.

Below are the best ways that you can use in ARK to hatch the eggs:

1) Using Heat

Eggs that are too cold will need heat and this can be solved primitively by placing structures such as Campfires, Standing Torches, and other heat-producing structures.

You will need to place enough until the required temperature is met, and the fertilized egg begins to hatch but this is rather tedious and only for early-game breeding.

Depending on the type of egg, you will need a certain amount of heat-producing structures and can simply turn some off when hatching other types.

This however will only solve issues for eggs that are too cold and will not be able to help you hatch eggs that are too hot.

2) Placing Air Conditioners

Later, when you have access to electricity, you can start making Air Conditioners, which provide the proper heat and cold to eggs.

You will usually need to place 4 to 5 Air Conditioners or even more depending on the type of fertilized egg that you are trying to hatch.

Air Conditioners will need to be powered by a Generator through electrical wires and an Electric Outlet to work.

Air Conditioners will be able to adjust the temperature for fertilized eggs that are both too hot or too cold and are the perfect solution for mid-game breeding.

3) Using Egg Incubator

Once you reach Level 89, you will be able to unlock the Egg Incubator (Genesis 1 and 2) and can later use this to incubate fertilized eggs.

The structure can hold 10 eggs and will keep them at the right temperatures so that they can be hatched, and you can even decide when the babies will come out.

Another feature of the Egg Incubator is that it allows you to see the stats of the creatures that are within the eggs, making it essential for breeders.

The Egg Incubator is the best way to hatch eggs as it allows you to choose when to hatch the egg after incubation, so you don’t have to keep rushing back and forth.

Claiming Hatched Eggs

Hatched eggs will result in babies and you will need to claim them or else they will eventually starve to death.

After you have claimed a baby, make sure to put the food it eats into its inventory and once it reaches its juvenile stage, it will start eating from a Feeding Trough.

Why Eggs Are Not Hatching in ARK?

If an egg is not hatching, be sure to make sure that it is a fertilized egg first and if it still isn’t, this means that the required temperature has not been met.

It is also possible for temperatures to change in certain areas, which may prevent eggs from hatching and will eventually destroy them.

Check the egg to see if it is too hot or too cold so you know when you should move it or adjust the temperature in the area.

Why Did a Fertilized Egg Disappeared?

If a fertilized egg disappears, this means that the creature has already hatched and you should look for it to claim it or the egg has been destroyed.

Eggs can be destroyed when left out in the open for too long and you will be able to see how much health an egg has when looking at it on the ground or in your inventory.

Therefore, it is important to make sure you check on the egg and sort to Air Conditioners or the Egg Incubator to make sure they do not get destroyed.


Some creatures do not lay eggs and if you attempt to breed them, you may see the Gestation bar increasing which means they will give birth to the baby instead.

Gestation does not cause eggs to be released and you will simply need to keep the parent fed and wait for the baby to come out.


Breeding can be a fun part of Ark, and this can eventually get you stronger creatures but sometimes it can be a bit tedious if you forget things.

Make sure to always check if the egg is hatching after you have dropped them and that they are in a secure play, so no one steals the egg.

It is best to get the Egg Incubator to give you peace of mind when you want to go into breeding as they are a huge convenience.

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