Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Roadmap

Season of the Splicer Roadmap

Season 14, also known as Season of the Splicer has previously been revealed and along with a new storyline, you also get to experience new features and rewards.

Players will be able to play through the Season of the Splicer for free but those who obtain a Season Pass will reap more rewards for their hard work.

Most of Season 14 includes new weapons, armor, missions, and a whole storyline following the Endless Night that occurs in The City.

Mentionable Roadmap Features

The following are some of the new inclusions in the Season of the Splicer that you get to enjoy until the near end of August.

Endless Night Story Event

The Last City has been plunged into an Endless Night and the only way to overcome this event is to team up with an unexpected ally.

Through the events of the Season of the Splicer, you will attempt to figure out how to stop the eternal darkness that swallows the city.

Allies Bound by Light

You gain a new ally during the Season of the Splicer, who is Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, a leader of a small group of Eliksni.

Mithrax has the knowledge and capability to assist you as you find a way to disperse the Endless Night, providing you with information, assistance, and Splicer technology.

Splicer Gauntlet

During the Season of the Splicer, Mithrax will provide you with a piece of sacred Splicer tech which is charged using Ether.

This tool allows you to hack the Vex Network, access Conflux Chests, and unlock Splicer upgrades for more efficiency.

Override and Expunge Missions

New missions known as Override and Expunge missions have been added and can be accessed by players to obtain Season of the Splicer rewards and more.

Overrides are 6-man challenges that put you in the Vex network where you will need to fight your way to access valuable data (more importantly loot) in certain locations.

Expunges are missions carried out by a small group of guardians (usually done solo) to uncover Vex network vulnerabilities as well as to open Corrupted Conflux Chests for more rewards.

Upgraded HELM

Back then, finding H.E.L.M. was quite a nuisance for new players, and locating it would require more than simply finding its location as it would not appear right away.

Players may now head to HELM for not only Season of the Splicer content, but past content as well such as activities regarding the Hammer of Proving and the location of the War Table.

You may now access HELM through the Destination tab and easily fast travel to it instead of looking for it within The Tower.

Cryothesia 77K (Exotic Sidearm)

The Cryothesia 77K is a weapon powered by Stasis and is gifted to you as a token of friendship from Mithrax, which you can obtain during Season 14.

Players may use this weapon to deal damage and affect enemies with Stasis properties via the weapons attack, including its Liquid Cooling trait.

Vex Mythoclast (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

Devastate your enemies with the Vex Mythoclast, an exotic weapon that can be obtained by completing the Vault of Glass raid played on Hard Mode.

This Fusion Rifle has no charge time and can deal with successive shots, guaranteeing a great amount of damage per second as if you were using an auto rifle.

Exotic Leg Armor for All Classes

Introducing the latest of Leg Armor for each class, Season of the Splicer includes 3 new Exotic Leg armors which have different effects per class.

These include the Star-Eater Scalers (Hunter), The Path of Burning Steps (Titan), and Boots of the Assembler (Warlock.)


A lot more is to come and most of the new content can be seen in this list or on the Season of the Splicer Calendar.

Players can enjoy a majority of the Season 14 content even after it ends, which means just like with the Season of the Chosen, you can still obtain Season of the Splicer gear.

For more information on the Season of the Splicer, be sure to check out our Season of the Splicer Calendar guide.

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