Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Gear (Weapons, Armor & More)

Destiny 2 Season 14 Weapons and Armor

With the Season of the Splicer (Season 14), a lot of players got to see some new gear, which has a resemblance to that of the Eliksnii’s craftsmanship.

Players can now enjoy multiple types of gear that can be obtained by playing during Season of the Splicer and may easily obtain most of these by focusing on Season 14 activities.

Here we have created a list of the Season of the Splicer complete armor and weapons for you to check out, which can help you as a checklist for all of the new gear in Season 14.

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Season of the Splicer Gear (Weapons, Armor & More)

Season 14 provides each class with their own Lightkin Set, which varies with each class but still provides them with the authentic Eliksni design.

Each class also gets their own Exotic Legs armor, which varies between the classes and has different benefits that can help with builds and improve class performance.

Warlock Gear

  • Lightkin Cover (Head)
  • Lightkin Gloves (Arms)
  • Lightkin Robes (Chest)
  • Lightkin Boots (Legs)
  • Lightkin Bond (Class)
  • Boots of the Assembler (Exotic Legs)

Hunter Gear

  • Lightkin Mask (Head)
  • Lightkin Grips (Arms)
  • Lightkin Vest (Chest)
  • Lightkin Strides (Legs)
  • Lightkin Cloak (Class)
  • Star-Eater Scales (Exotic Legs)

Titan Gear

  • Lightkin Helm (Head)
  • Lightkin Gauntlets (Arms)
  • Lightkin Plate (Chest)
  • Lightkin Greaves (Legs)
  • Lightkin Mark (Class)
  • The Path of Burning Steps

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Season of the Splicer Weapons

As you play through the first parts of Season of the Splicer, you will notice how quickly you can obtain some of the Legendary weapons from Season 14.

There are currently two Exotic Weapons that arrive in Season 14, but each of them may take some time to get.

Auto Rifle

  • Chroma Rush
  • The Number

Fusion rifle

  • Null Composure
  • PLUG ONE.1
  • Vex Mythoclast (Exotic)

Grenade launcher

  • Empty Vessel
  • Ignition Code
  • Memory Interdict

Hand cannon

  • Fatebringer
  • Finite Impactor
  • Survivor’s Epitaph

Machine gun

  • Archon’s Thunder
  • Corrective Measure
  • Corrective Measure
  • Shattered Cipher

Pulse rifle

  • Gridskipper
  • Rocket launcher
  • Hezen Vengeance

Scout rifle

  • Hung Jury SR4
  • Pleiades Corrector
  • Vision of Confluence


  • The Deicide
  • Found Verdict
  • Riiswalker
  • Sojourner’s Tale


  • Cryosthesia 77K (Exotic)
  • Farewell
  • The Vision

Sniper rifle 

  • Occluded Finality
  • Praedyth’s Revenge
  • Uzume RR4

Submachine gun

  • Borrowed Time
  • Shayura’s Wrath
  • Stochastic Variable


  • Crown-Splitter
  • Eternity’s Edge
  • Quickfang

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How To Get Season of the Splicer Gear?

You can get Season of the Splicer Gear by participating in Season 14 events and focusing on doing Overrides, Expunges, and more activities related to Season of the Splicer.

Upgrading your Splicer Gauntlet is important for farming Season of the Splicer gear as you will be doing a lot of grinding and Conflux Chest opening.

This means you will need to obtain Ether and use it for Overrides but Expunges are also important, but saving up on Decrypted Data is important too.

If you have enough Decrypted Data and have been able to delve through Season of the Splicer, you will be able to get access to creating stat-specific gear later on.


Most of the gear on this list can be obtained easily by playing during the events of Season of the Splicer, which also involves the story of the Path of the Splicer.

During the events of Season of the Splicer, Overrides and Expunges will be important and you will need to farm Decrypted Data if you want to perfect your sets.

You can easily earn Umbral Engrams by playing and can, later on, modify these at the H.E.L.M. to get better gear, some with better or specific roles to your preference.

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