ARK: How to Get Ammonite Bile

ARK Ammonite Bile

Ammonite are creatures hidden deep at the bottom of the ocean and can be hunted for a special resource only they can provide, Ammonite Bile.

This blob of weird substance has a connection to its ability to cause surrounding creatures to respond when it is threatened.

Currently, there is only a couple of things you can do with Ammonite Bile, its main function is mainly a means to mimic its panic ability.

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How to Farm Ammonite Bile?

You can farm Ammonite Bile by killing and harvesting the bodies of Ammonite and this is currently the only way.

There is no way to passively harvest this resource and you cannot tame Ammonite, so instead, you must kill them for this substance they secrete.

You can find Ammonite deep underwater (of maps with oceans of course) and will usually see them on the ocean floor wandering around.

Ammonite Bile Uses

Pheromone Darts

Ammonite Bile is mainly used for creating Pheromone Darts, which are loaded into Longneck Rifles and shot at enemies.

Enemies (humans and creatures) who are shot with Pheromone Darts will attract nearby wild creatures, causing them to attack those inflicted with the effects.

This is a good way of causing chaos in an area or disrupting an enemy while they are in the process of taming creatures.

Leech Blood Substitute

When crafting the Lesser Antidote, you may use Ammonite Bile as a substitute for the Leech Blood resource.

Ammonite Bile Expiry

Similar to other resources that come from specific creatures, Ammonite Bile also has a certain amount of time before it expires.

Ammonite Bile expires in 3 hours after being collected but can be preserved by certain means such as storing it in a Refrigerator.


There are not a lot of uses for Ammonite Bile aside from creating the Pheromone Darts and using it as a substitute for Leech Blood.

On unofficial servers, there are some mods used which require Ammonite Bile, such as the Structures Plus mod that requires it for Structures Plus Dedicated Storage.

Keeping a good supply of Ammonite Bile may come in handy, especially in PVP when you want to cause trouble for enemies with Pheromone Darts.

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